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The metre gauge platforms at Brig station.
Location Bahnhof 1,
3900 Brig-Glis,
Coordinates 46°19′10″N 07°59′17″E / 46.31944°N 7.98806°E / 46.31944; 7.98806Coordinates: 46°19′10″N 07°59′17″E / 46.31944°N 7.98806°E / 46.31944; 7.98806
Elevation 671.7 m (2,204 ft)
Operated by SBB CFF FFS
Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn
Line(s) Lausanne–Brig
Brig–Visp–Zermatt (BVZ)
Furka Oberalp Bahn (FO)
Distance 43.98 km (27.33 mi)
from Zermatt
Connections Postauto buses
Local buses
Opened 1906
Electrified 1 October 1929 (1929-10-01) (BVZ)
Preceding station   Swiss rail network   Following station
Template:SBB CFF FFS lines Terminus
Template:SBB CFF FFS lines Terminus
toward Bern
BLS Terminus
toward Zermatt
Glacier Express
Swiss timetable 144
toward Zermatt
Regional services
Swiss timetable 140
Regional services
Swiss timetable 142
toward Göschenen
Brig railway station
Brig railway station
Brig railway station
Brig railway station (Switzerland)

Brig railway station is an important railway junction in the municipality of Brig-Glis (French: Brigue-Glis), in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland. Opened in 1906, it is adjacent to the northern portal of the Simplon Tunnel, and is served by three standard gauge lines and two metre gauge lines.

Rail services to Brig[edit]

Standard gauge[edit]

Two of the three standard gauge lines serving Brig were opened simultaneously in 1906.

One of them is the Simplon railway,[1] which links (Genève-Aéroport, Genève and) Lausanne on Lake Geneva with Brig, via Sion and Visp. The other is the Milan–Domodossola railway, which, as its name suggests, links Milano Centrale in Italy with Domodossola, also in Italy. In 1906, this line was extended to Brig upon the opening of the Simplon Tunnel.

The third of Brig's standard gauge lines is the Lötschberg railway line,[2] opened in 1913. It links Bern with Brig via the Lötschberg Pass, including the Lötschberg Tunnel. In 2007, this line was largely supplanted by the New Railway Link through the Alps (NRLA),[3] connecting (Bern and) Spiez with Visp, near Brig, via the Lötschberg Base Tunnel. Trains travelling along the NEAT line to Visp usually then continue on to Brig via the Simplon line.

The standard gauge passenger trains stopping at Brig are operated by either SBB CFF FFS (Simplon railway, Milan–Domodossola railway, and NEAT), or BLS AG (Lötschberg railway).

Metre gauge[edit]

Brig is also served by two metre gauge lines, namely the Brig-Visp-Zermatt railway (BVZ), and the Furka Oberalp Bahn, which links Brig via Andermatt with Göschenen and Disentis/Mustér. Since 1 January 2003 (2003-01-01), these two metre gauge lines have both been owned and operated by the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB), following a merger between them.

Brig's metre gauge station platforms are located on the forecourt of the Brig station building.

Every day, several Glacier Express trains, which are operated at this point by the MGB, call at one of these platforms, on their journey between Zermatt and either St.Moritz or Davos.[4] The MGB also operates metre gauge regional services from Zermatt via Visp to Brig,[5] and from Visp via Brig to Andermatt and beyond,[6] at hourly intervals.

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