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Donaueschingen Brigach 4320.jpg
The Brigach in Donaueschingen
Main source Black Forest
Source elevation 925 m (3,035 ft)
River mouth Danube
Size 195 km2 (75 sq mi)
Country Germany
Length 43 km (27 mi)
  • Average rate:

The Brigach is the shorter of two streams that jointly form the river Danube in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The Brigach has its source at 925 m (3,035 ft) above sea level within St. Georgen in the Black Forest. The Brigach crosses the city Villingen-Schwenningen. 43 km (27 mi) from the source, the Brigach joins the Breg in Donaueschingen to form the Danube River.

Confluence to the Breg

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Coordinates: 48°06′24″N 8°16′51″E / 48.10667°N 8.28083°E / 48.10667; 8.28083