Brigada Specială de Intervenție a Jandarmeriei

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Special Intervention Brigade of the Gendarmerie
Stema Brigazii Speciale de Interventie Jandarmi.png
Coat of Arms of the Unit
Active 15th of March 2002
Country Romania
Branch Romanian Gendarmerie
Type Special Forces, Riot control
Garrison/HQ Bucharest
Patron Vlad Țepeș
General de brigadă Zoltan Balint

Brigada Specială de Intervenţie a Jandarmeriei (Gendarmerie's Special Brigade of Intervention, BSIJ) is a special operations force belonging to the Romanian Gendarmerie. The unit carries the name "Vlad Țepeș" after the legendary Wallachian ruler, Vlad the Impaler.

The Brigade is divided into two units:[1]

  • "Batalionul Special Intervenţie Antiteroristă şi Acţiuni Speciale" (Special Battalion of Anti-terrorist Intervention and Special Actions)
  • "Batalionul Special Intervenţie" (Special Battalion of Intervention)

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Gendarmes of the Special Intervention Brigade on parade


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