Brigade Patrol Troop

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Brigade Patrol Troop, RM
Cap Badge of the Royal Marines
Active1992 - Present
Country United Kingdom
BranchRoyal Navy
TypeAdvanced Reconnaissance
RoleCommando Infantry
Part ofNaval Service
Garrison/HQStonehouse Barracks
Motto(s)Per Mare Per Terram (By Sea By Land) (Latin)
MarchQuick - A Life on the Ocean Wave
Slow - Preobrajensky

The Brigade Patrol Troop is a troop of Royal Marines, United Kingdom, under command of the Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron (SRS), 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group.[1]


The troop can be traced back to the Cliff Assault Unit which operated in the Second World War.[2] The Cliff Assault Unit was in action in every major Royal Marines operation from the Gulf War to the War in Afghanistan.[2] It evolved into the Brigade Patrol Troop which was established in 1992.[3]


The troop consists of six teams of four marines each who are employed in a reconnaissance role, ahead of the main force collecting information on the enemy and reporting directly back to the Brigade Headquarters.[4] ML3 is a 9 week course open to all levels, provided by the Mountain Leader Training Cadre. Trainees go on to serve in the Commando Unit Recce Troops, Brigade Patrol Troop, HMS Protector and the Special Forces Support Group.[5][6]

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Coordinates: 50°21.975′N 4°9.660′W / 50.366250°N 4.161000°W / 50.366250; -4.161000 (Brigade Patrol Troop RM)