Brigadier General Diego Lamas

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Brigadier General Diego Lamas is the name given to a train station in a rural area of the Artigas Department of northern Uruguay, by decree Ley No. 11.857.[1] During the census of 2004, no population was recorded in this location.[2] In the satellite image of 8/10/2003 (currently the latest of the area), about 30 small buildings appear near the station (see 30°45′14.2″S 57°3′14.8″W / 30.753944°S 57.054111°W / -30.753944; -57.054111Coordinates: 30°45′14.2″S 57°3′14.8″W / 30.753944°S 57.054111°W / -30.753944; -57.054111).


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