Brigflatts Meeting House

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Briggflatts Meeting House

Brigflatts Meeting House or Briggflatts Meeting House is a Friends Meeting House of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), near Sedbergh, Cumbria, in north-western England. Built in 1675, it is the second oldest Friends Meeting House in England.[1] It is the subject of a twelve-line poem titled "At Briggflatts meetinghouse" by British modernist poet Basil Bunting. Bunting's poem was written in 1975 for the 300th anniversary of the meeting house's construction.[2][3]

Throughout its history, the spelling has varied from Brigflatts, Brigflats, Briggflats, or Briggflatts, for both the village and the Quaker Meeting.[1][4] Currently, the Quaker Meeting uses the spelling "Brigflatts".[5] The variant spelling with two g's and two t's was used by Bunting for his two poems, "At Briggflatts Meetinghouse" (1975) and the earlier autobiographical long poem Briggflatts (1965). Often, one single source is not always consistent with spelling of this name.


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