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Briggs Marine
Briggs Commercial Limited
Briggs Marine Contractors Ltd
Briggs Environmental Ltd
Private Limited Company
IndustryMarine services
HeadquartersBurntisland, Scotland
Number of employees
Buoys, Briggs Marine Contractors Ltd. Finished buoys, Burntisland Docks.

Briggs Marine is a marine services company based in the United Kingdom with operations throughout Europe, the Caspian Region and North America.[1] Its services include vessel chartering,[2][3][4] moorings and aids to navigation,[5] subsea services,[6][7][8] marine survey,[9] environmental services and oil spill response,[10][11][12][13] oil and gas terminal operations, diving,[14][15][16] salvage, training, equipment hire, vessel management and fuels and infrastructure. Briggs Marine operate the Woolwich Ferry service under contract to Transport for London.[17] They also operate the pilot boats in Liverpool, responsible for transporting pilots to and from ships that are arriving and leaving the Port of Liverpool.[18][19][20]


The Briggs Group became involved in the marine industry in the 1970s, providing workboats to marine construction works. By the 1980s, it was providing vessels and manpower for oil and gas terminal operations across the UK.[1] Briggs Marine established Briggs Environmental Services Ltd in 1987.

Since 2000, Briggs Group has moved into subsea services, renewable energy services, moorings, environmental consultancy, survey work[21] and diving services.[22][23]

Briggs has held a contract with the Ministry of Defence since 2006 serving a single point mooring repair and maintenance in the Falkland Islands.[24][25] In 2010, the company signed long-term contracts to manage The Environment Agency's (EA) survey fleet around the coast of England and Wales, the contract included a replacement vessel programme and Briggs own and operates these vessels for the EA.

In 2007, the group secured a 15-year, £100-million marine services support contract to provide navigation buoy maintenance and mooring support for the Royal Navy.[26] To service the contract, Briggs Group commissioned the new MV Kingdom of Fife, Briggs's flagship vessel.[27]

The early part of 2010 saw Briggs expand in the Marine Civil Engineering sector with completion of infrastructure works to support a new berthing facility at HMNB Clyde. This now accommodates the nuclear submarine fleet which moved from HMNB Devonport under a rationalisation programme.

In 2012, the company was awarded a contract by Transport for London (TFL) to manage the Woolwich Ferry operation on the River Thames.[28] Briggs were involved in replacing the existing ferries with new vessels, which were constructed in Poland. They use a new mooring system installed at Woolwich and North Woolwich piers. Additionally, Briggs are managing the infrastructure upgrades required to berth and operate the new ferries. The new vessels entered service on 1 February 2019.[29]

The commercial diving service was introduced in 2015, initially to support the company's marine projects particularly submarine cables, however, the department has continued to expand offering this service to numerous third parties and now operates as an independent part of the business.[30]

Briggs has been involved with the new Forth Crossing. The company ran and operated the tug service on the project for FCBC and also run the tugs at Rosyth Dockyard for Babcock International.

The company also achieved further expansion in Liverpool in 2017 following a contract awarded by Peel Ports in 2016.[31] They then increased their fleet with three new pilot boats which were part of the requirements of the long-term contract in Liverpool.[32][33]

Briggs Marine also boosted its global plans following a three-year contract award for the Caspian Sea, worth over $4 million based in Azerbaijan.[34][35][36] The project will involve Briggs delivering fire and rescue services at Sangachal Terminal in addition to the oil spill response services throughout the Caspian Sea, which they have been providing since 1996.


Vessel Name Category Year Built
Kingdom of Fife Anchor Handling Vessel; Tug 2008 - Damen Shipyards[27]
Cameron Multicat 1991
Forth Boxer Multicat 1995
Forth Constructor Multicat 1994 - James W Cook & Co[37]
Forth Fighter Multicat 1985 - Penryn Plant & Marine (Refit in 2002[38])
Forth Linesman Multicat 2008 - Meercat Workboats[39]
Forth Sentinel Multicat 1991
Forth Trojan Multicat 1994 - Damen Shipyards[40]
Forth Umpire Multicat 1997 - Ian C Darley
Forth Drummer Tug 1965 - Richards Shipbuilders[41]
Forth Atlas Crane Barge 1959 (Modified 2008)
Harry McGill Crane Barge
Forth Guardsman Self-Propelled Barge 1983 - Japan[38]
Forth Piper Pontoon 1976 - Amsterdam
Forth Quarrier Pontoon 1983 - Singapore
Sprucelight Pontoon 1992
Forth Mariner Workboat
Humber Guardian Survey Vessel 2010 - Mustang Marine[42]
Mersey Guardian Survey Vessel 2012 - Mustang Marine
Solent Guardian Survey Vessel 2013 - Mustang Marine[43]
Severn Guardian Survey Vessel 2012 - Mustang Marine[44]
Thames Guardian Survey Vessel 2011 - Alnmaratec[45]
Forth Reclaimer Backhoe Dredger 2012
Forth Warrior Multicat 2016

Key contracts[46][edit]

Contract Title Client Contract Duration
Future Provision of Marine Services[47] Serco 15 years (awarded 2007)
Aids to Navigation Forth Ports & Peel Ports
Oil & Gas Terminal Operations[48] BP Fuel & Logistics (8terminals) Ongoing (awarded 2009)
EA National Marine Management[49] Environment Agency 15 years (awarded 2010)
Esso Fawley Marine Terminal[50] Exxon Mobil 5 years (awarded 2010)
Framework Agreement[51] Scottish & Southern Energy 13 years (awarded 2003)
Woolwich Ferry Services[52] Transport for London 7 years (awarded 2012)
Oil and Gas Terminal Operationa BP Exploration
Oil and Gas Terminal Operations Essar
Environmental Services Ministry of Defence[24] (Awarded 2006)
Marine Assets Global Energy Groups
Subsea Cables Nexans
Marine Assets Volker Stevin
Subsea Cables Orstead (Dong Energy)[53] 8 years (awarded 2015)
Subsea Cables Centrica
Marine Assets Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors
Marine Services Babcock International tugs
Environmental Services Shell Ongoing (awarded 1984)
Marine Assets Graham Construction
Marine Assets McGlauchlin & Harvey
Subsea Cables Balfour Beatty


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