Bright Antenna

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Bright Antenna
Bright Antenna New Logo.jpg
Founded 2007
Distributor(s) ADA
Genre Alt, Britpop, Indie pop, Singer-songwriter, Synthpop, lovewave
Country of origin United States
Location Mill Valley, California
Official website

Bright Antenna is an independent record label founded in 2007 and based in Mill Valley, California.[1] The label was created by writer Tiffanie DeBartolo and producer Sep V. The company name is from the lyrics to the song "The Spirit Of Radio" by Rush.[2] In addition to distribution through the Alternative Distribution Alliance, Bright Antenna operates an online store for its vinyl and specialty products.[3]

In a June 2011 article in Performer Magazine, Jody Amable wrote, "In a town where most labels are labors of love run out of basements and living rooms, Bright Antenna is an impressive operation. Even more impressive is that the small group of employees has managed to, even on 12 hours of sleep [a week], maintain their passion for the music they produce. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more driven group of people."[4]

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