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Bright Horizons Family Solutions (NYSEBFAM) is a United States–based child-care provider and is the largest provider of employer-sponsored child care.[1] It is headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts.


Bright Horizons was founded in 1986 by Linda A. Mason and Roger H. Brown.[2]

The company was publicly traded on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol: BFAM until it was acquired by Bain Capital in May 2008, and became publicly traded again 2013.

Bright Horizons acquired kidsunlimited in April 2013, which has 64 nurseries and a successful childcare vouchers business.[3] This development means that Bright Horizons now serves around 15,500 children and families.

Bright Horizons bought out the Asquith Court Group in 2016 adding a further 100 nurseries to its care.


Bright Horizons operates more than 900 child care centers worldwide, more than 600 across the U.S. and more than 300 in the UK and Ireland[4]. The company also operates centers in Canada and Puerto Rico.


The Advisory Board includes scholars and practitioners such as Ed Schein and Stew Friedman.


In 1999, the senior leadership team at Bright Horizons formed the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children. Through the Foundation, Bright Horizons supports nonprofit organizations with a focus on programs for children and families. The Foundation is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee.[5] Bright Spaces, the Foundation’s program, creates play rooms for children in crisis in partnerships with Bright Horizons’ clients, other nonprofits, city governments, and other organizations.


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