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Bright Hub, Inc.
Online media
Founded 2007 (2007)
Founder William Phelan
Headquarters Troy, United States

Bright Hub is an online source of original articles and reviews on science, technology and education topics. It is run by a corporation, Bright Hub Inc., based in Troy, New York. Bright Hub was founded by William Phelan, who also founded OneMade (now owned by AOL), in 2007. Bright Hub uses proprietary tools to collect and aggregate expert content[1] into subject-specific "channels" modeled after the concept of television channels.


Bright Hub started in August 2007 as site providing software reviews by experts. In May 2008, the company expanded its focus into additional subject areas. As of February 2009, Bright Hub was receiving about 800,000 visitors monthly. By 2010, bad business decisions began to cost the company money. Many writers quit citing favoritism and unprofessional behavior by section managers. The quality of the articles began to suffer as a result of the exodus. By 2011, Bright Hub was forced to downsize and return to their original business plan, deleting large sections of its site. [2] In 2015, a new attempt to revitalize the site met with limited success.


Bright Hub's business model is to pay its writers, who are independently contracted, an upfront fee for each article. The company also has software tools to connect vendors with potential customers.[1]


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