Brighton Beach Generating Station

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Brighton Beach Generating Station
Brighton Beach Generating Station is located in Southern Ontario
Brighton Beach Generating Station
Location in southern Ontario
Country Canada
Location Windsor, Ontario
Coordinates 42°16′47″N 83°05′42″W / 42.27972°N 83.09500°W / 42.27972; -83.09500Coordinates: 42°16′47″N 83°05′42″W / 42.27972°N 83.09500°W / 42.27972; -83.09500
Status Operational
Commission date July 2004 (2004-07)[1]
Owner(s) Atco Power 50%
Ontario Power Generation 50%
Operator(s) Coral Energy Canada Inc
Thermal power station
Primary fuel natural gas
Combined cycle? Yes
Power generation
Units operational 3
Make and model 2 General Electric 7FA gas turbines
1 General Electric DN11 condensing steam turbo generator
Nameplate capacity 541.3 MW

Brighton Beach Generating Station is a natural gas fired combined cycle fossil fuel power station in the Brighton Beach neighbourhood of Windsor, Ontario, Canada that is a 50% joint venture between Atco Power and Ontario Power Generation.[1] The electricity generated is under the control and marketing lead of by Coral Energy Canada Inc.[1] Gas for the plant is supplied by Union Gas, and cooling water is drawn from the Detroit River.[3]


The plant consists of:[3]

Brighton Beach is connected into the Ontario grid via two 230 kV connections and one 115 kV connection, at the adjacent Keith transformer station owned by Hydro One Networks Inc.[4]


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