Brighton Lovers Walk Traction and Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot

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Brighton Lovers Walk Traction and Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot
LocationBrighton, East Sussex
Coordinates50°50′07″N 0°08′45″W / 50.8352°N 0.1457°W / 50.8352; -0.1457Coordinates: 50°50′07″N 0°08′45″W / 50.8352°N 0.1457°W / 50.8352; -0.1457
OS gridTQ306056
Owner(s)Southern Bombardier Transportation
Depot code(s)BI (1973 -)[1]
Former depot code(s)
  • 75A (1948 - May 1973)
  • BTN
  • BTON[2]

Brighton Lovers Walk Traction and Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot is a traction maintenance depot located in Brighton, East Sussex, England. The depot is situated adjacent to the Brighton Main Line and is to the north of Brighton station.[3]

The depot code is BI.


The depot was opened in 1848 as a carriage works by the LB&SCR, being converted in 1933 to an EMU depot by the Southern Railway. At that time, it had adjoining five and seven-track dead-ended buildings.[4]

In 1987, the depot's allocation included Classes 421, 422 and 423 EMUs.[2] Around the same time, the depot was also used to stable locomotives, including Classes 09, 33, 47 and 73.[3]

Modernisation resulted in the five-track building being reduced to a four-track from 2002, and the depot was reopened for servicing Class 377 units in 2006. A mix of Bombardier Transportation and Southern Railway technicians are based here.[4]


As of 2016, the depot's allocation consists of Southern and Thameslink Class 377 EMUs, Class 313 EMUs and Class 442 EMUs.


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