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Brigitte Friang (1924–2011 [1]) was a French journalist and writer.

She was born in Paris in 1924 and immediately after leaving school in Paris in 1943 joined the French resistance.[1] Working in the same group as Colonel F. F. E. Yeo-Thomas, she was captured by the Gestapo, shot while trying to escape, then taken to Fresnes Prison and tortured, before being deported to Ravensbrück concentration camp.[1][2]

After the war, she was liberated and returned to Paris where she worked for four years as a press aide to André Malraux, before becoming a journalist.[1] In 1953, she was sent to French Indochina as a war correspondent.[2][3] There she undertook parachute training and was dropped, in the opening hours of Operation Castor, into Điện Biên Province, in the north-west corner of Vietnam.[2][4] She made several combat jumps including one with Lt Col Bigeard's 6th Colonial Paratroop Battalion at Tu-Le after which she accompanied the 6th on their retreat to French lines.[2][5] She survived the war and returned to Paris where she worked as a writer and journalist until her retirement. On June 6, 1954 she appeared as a challenger on the TV panel show "What's My Line?" (the mystery guests for that episode were George Burns and Gracie Allen).

She died 6 March 2011 at the age of 87.

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