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Brigitte Girardin
Minister-Delegate for Cooperation, Development and the Francophonie
In office
PresidentJacques Chirac
Prime MinisterDominique de Villepin
Minister of French Overseas
In office
7 May 2002 – 2 June 2005[1]
PresidentJacques Chirac
Prime MinisterJean-Pierre Raffarin
Preceded byJean-Jacques de Peretti
Succeeded byFrançois Baroin
Senior Administrator of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands
In office
25 Mar 1998 – 26 Jan 2000
PresidentJacques Chirac
Prime MinisterLionel Jospin
Preceded byPierre Lise
Succeeded byJean-Yves Hermoso

Brigitte Girardin (born 12 January 1953 in Verdun, Meuse, France) is a French diplomat and politician. She was the minister of Overseas France under Jacques Chirac from 7 May 2002 to 2 June 2005.


In 1976, Girardin first worked for the French government at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1978, she was in charge of economic relations between Francophone nations in Africa.[2]

In early 1998, Girardin was appointed as the Senior Administrator of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands until January 2000.[3]

In 2002, Girardin was appointed as the Minister of Overseas under Prime Minister, Jean-Pierre Raffarin's government.[4] In May, 2003, Girardin met with the Spanish Secretary for European Affairs, Ramón de Miguel, and Portuguese Deputy Foreign Minister, Carlos da Costa Neves to demand the European Union add aid for the countries' ultra-peripheral regions to the constitution.[5]

In 2005, Girardin worked as the Minister for Cooperation, Development and the Francophonie, where she made several deals between France and Francophone nations. She visited and signed economic agreements with Cameroon to provide $680 million in debt relief aid,[6] Comoros, granting €88 million,[6] Mauritania, signing financial accords for developmental projects,[7] the Democratic Republic of Congo,[8] Senegal, providing €110 million in aid,[9] and Canada.[10]

Girardin was also a member of UMP, a political party founded by Dominique de Villepin based on his republic of solidarity movement. She was the Secretary General of the party until its closure in 2011.[11]

On 17 April, 2012, Girardin announced that she will be voting for French president candidate François Hollande in the first round of the 2012 French presidential election.[12]

In May, 2015, Girardin joined the Court of Auditors.[13]


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