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Brigitte Lin
Brigette Lin Ching-hsia

(1954-11-03) 3 November 1954 (age 65)
Years active1973–1994
Michael Ying (m. 1994)
  • Ying Oi Lam (daughter) (b. 1996)
  • Ying Yin Oi (daughter) (b. 2001)
Chinese name

Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia (Chinese: 林青霞; pinyin: Lín Qīngxiá; born 3 November 1954) is a Taiwanese actress. She is regarded as an icon of Chinese cinema for her extensive and varied roles in both Taiwanese and Hong Kong films.[1]


Lin was born in Chiayi, Taiwan.[2] She was scouted in 1972 on the streets of Taipei[3] by a film producer after she finished women high school and was preparing for university.[4] Lin debuted in the film adaptation of Chiung Yao's Outside the Window (1973), which propelled her into stardom.[4][5] Lin, along with Joan Lin, Charlie Chin and Chin Han, thus became known as the "Two Chins, Two Lins" (二秦二林) for their extensive roles in romantic movies of the 70's based on Chiung's novels that dominated the Taiwanese box office.[6] She subsequently joined Chiung Yao's company in 1976[7] and, by 1982, had played the lead in 12 of her films.[4][5]

Lin won the Best Actress award at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival for her role as a girl scout in Eight Hundred Heroes (1976).

After having worked on more than 50 films within the first seven years of her career, Lin took a hiatus from acting in 1979 and moved to the US for a year and a half.[1]

Known for being a "screen goddess" by Chinese film lovers, Lin's early collaborations with Hong Kong New Wave directors Ringo Lam, Tsui Hark and Jackie Chan in Love Massacre (1981), Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983), Police Story (1985) and Peking Opera Blues (1986) brought her success. In 1990, she won the Best Actress trophy at the 27th Golden Horse Awards for her depiction of a Chinese female writer who fell in love with a Japanese collaborator in Red Dust (1990).[5]

It was common for women to cross dress as male characters in Chinese movies and operas.[5] And Lin is particularly well known for her androgynous roles, her earliest being Jia Baoyu, the male protagonist of the 1977 film adaptation of Dream of the Red Chamber.[8] In Peking Opera Blues (1986), she was a guerrilla revolutionary[9] and in Royal Tramp II (1992), she was the leader of the Heavenly Dragon Sect, both of whom were women characters dressed as men. And in Ashes of Time (1994), she played twin brother/sister duo Yin and Yang.[8] However, she is perhaps most well known for her role as Dongfang Bubai in Swordsman II (1992). Swordsman II marked the peak of her career in terms of box office earnings[5] and was featured on Time magazine as one of the greatest films made between 1923 and 2010.[10]

Subsequently, she starred in many other notable martial epics including New Dragon Gate Inn (1992) and The Bride with White Hair (1993).

At the height of her popularity, Lin was inarguably one of the most sought-after actresses in the Chinese film industry. She starred in more than 100 movies.[7] Lin was credited for boosting Taiwan's film production in the 1970s before earning even greater popularity in Hong Kong in the 1990s, becoming a trans-island legend of her time.[5]

She retired from acting in 1994. Her last acting role was in Ashes of Time (1994).[1]

Personal life[edit]

Lin traces her family roots to Shandong, China.[1]

It's been reported that Lin has dated both Chin Han and Charlie Chin of "Two Chins, Two Lins" back in the seventies, even sustaining a proposal from the latter before eventually cancelling it.[6][11]

Lin married Hong Kong businessman Michael Ying in 1994. She is the mother of Eileen Ying Oi Lum (born 1996) and Melani Ying Yin-oi (born 2001) and stepmother to Claudine Ying.[12]

She made her first public appearance since her marriage at the screening of Ashes of Time Redux during the 2008 New York Film Festival.[citation needed]


Year English Title Chinese title Role Notes
1973 Outside the Window 窗外 Jiang Yanrong
1974 Gone with the Cloud 云飘飘 Li Zhongjiang
Ghost of the Mirror 古镜幽魂 Susu
Love, Love, Love 纯纯的爱 Lin Chunchun
The River of Cloudy 云河 Liang Xinlan
Female Reporter 女记者 Shen Fuhui
Girlfriend 女朋友 Xia Xiaochan
The House of Love 爱的小屋 Xiao Yu
Green Green Meadow 青青草原上 Fang Menglan
Long Way from Home 長情萬縷 Lin Shanshan
1975 Misty Drizzle 烟雨 Ji Chunxia
The Life God 云深不知处 White-clothed girl
Xiao Yi Huai Chun 小姨怀春 Wan Qing
Run Lover Run 爱情长跑 Shui Liping
Hot Wave 热浪 Xia Xiaoyu
The Unforgettable Character 在水一方 Tu Hsiao-shuang
He Loved Once Too Many 水云 Shui Jiao
Love Story of Pian Pian 翩翩情 Pian Pian
The Forest of Forever 長青樹 Luo Yanan
1976 Eight Hundred Heroes 八百壮士 Yang Huimin
Autumn Song 秋歌 Dong Zhiyun
The Chasing Game 追球追求 Fang Meihan
Tomorrow I'm 20 明天二十岁
Love Kungfu 恋爱功夫 Xia Xiaoyun
The Beauty with Two Faces 海天一色
Love Forever 海誓山盟 Yi Lian
Today and Tomorrow 昨夜,今夜,明夜
Forever My Love 枫叶情 Li Jinwen
Different Love 不一样的爱 Song Xiaoyu
My Funny Intern 鬼马俏医生 Fang Jie
1977 Come Fly With Me 我是一沙鸥 Liu Yanmei
The Cloud of Romance 我是一片云 Tuan Wanlu
The Dream of the Red Chamber 金玉良缘红楼梦 Jia Baoyu
There's No Place Like Home 异乡梦 Ye Hualing
The Love Affair of Rainbow 奔向彩虹 Xiao Hong
My Sweet Love 温馨在我心 Li Huifang
Orchid in the Rain 幽兰在雨中 Qiu Meng
1978 The Misty Moon 月朦胧鸟朦胧 Liu Lingshan
Love of the White Snake 真白蛇传 Madam White Snake
Morning Fog 晨雾 Du Xiaowu
Moon on the Beach 沙滩上的月亮 Luo Xiaolu
A Journey of Love 无情荒地有情天 Yin Meizhen
Birds Are Singing Everywhere 处处闻啼鸟 Shen Yalun
The Story of Green House 绿色山庄 Fang Yizhu
1979 The Wild Goose on the Wing 雁儿在林梢 Tao Lifan
Love Under a Rosy Sky 彩霞满天 Yin Tsai-Chin
A Love Seed 一颗红豆 Xia Chulei
Cheng Gong Ling Shang 成功岭上
The Choice of Love 一片深情 Wen Jiayi
By Love Obsessed 情奔 Ruo Ping
An Unforgettable Day 难忘的一天 Tian Yuqiu
1980 Magnificent 72 碧血黄花
Marigold 金盏花 Han Peiyin
Poor Chasers 恋爱反斗星 Shen Rong
1981 Love Massacre 爱杀 Ivy
The Women Soldiers 中国女兵 Wen Jingyi
1982 Fantasy Mission Force 红粉兵团 Fang Huijun
Burn Phoenix Burn 燃烧吧!火鸟 Wei Yanran
Pink Force Commando 红粉游侠 Hu Fangling
Lily Under the Muzzle 枪口下的小百合 Xiao Han
The Deadly Angels 脂粉奇兵
Hero vs Hero 慧眼识英雄 Shen Liangbai
1983 Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain 新蜀山剑侠传 Ice Queen
All the Wrong Spies 我爱夜来香 Ying Hong
Demon Fighter 午夜兰花 Susu
Four Shy Guy 四傻害羞 Mo Hailun
Black and White Pearl 黑白珠 Guan Xuezhu
1983 Da Jing Qi 1938大惊奇
Dragon Attack 迷你特攻队 Lei Li
1984 The Other Side of Gentleman 君子好逑 Jojo
Victims of the Assassin 情人看刀 Ling'er
Seven Foxes 七隻狐貍 Miss Lin
1985 Police Story 警察故事 Selina Fong
1986 Peking Opera Blues 刀马旦 Tsao Wan
Dream Lovers 梦中人 Cheng Yuet-heung
True Colours 英雄正传 May
1987 Lady in Black 夺命佳人 Chan Mei-fung
The Thirty Million Dollar Rush 横财三千万 Sister Maria
Flag of Honor 旗正飘飘 Qin Feng
1988 Starry is the Night 今夜星光灿烂 To Cai-mei
1989 Web of Deception 惊魂记 Jane Lin
1990 Red Dust 滚滚红尘 Shen Shaohua
1992 Swordsman II 笑傲江湖之东方不败 Dongfang Bubai
Handsome Siblings 刀剑笑 Hua Wuque
New Dragon Gate Inn 新龙门客栈 Yau Mo-yan
Royal Tramp 鹿鼎记 So Chuen Cameo
Royal Tramp II 鹿鼎记之神龙教 Long'er
Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Spring 暗恋桃花源 Yun Zhifan
1993 Swordsman III 东方不败之风云再起 Dongfang Bubai
Boys Are Easy 追男仔 Ching Siu-tung
The Bride with White Hair 白发魔女传 Lian Nichang
The Bride with White Hair 2 白发魔女传2 Lian Nichang
The Black Panther Warriors 黑豹天下 Ching-ching
The Eagle Shooting Heroes 射雕英雄传之东成西就 Third Princess
1994 Ashes of Time 东邪西毒 Murong Yang / Murong Yin / Dugu Qiubai
Chungking Express 重庆森林 Woman in blonde wig
Fire Dragon 火云传奇 Fire Dragon/ Ying Ha
Semi-Gods and Semi-Devils 天龙八部之天山童姥 Lei Chau-shui / Lei Chong-hoi
The Three Swordsmen 刀劍笑 Ming-kim
Deadful Melody 六指琴魔 Huang Xuemei
1998 Bishonen 美少年之恋 Narrator
2001 Peony Pavilion 游园惊梦 Narrator
2015 Up Idol 偶像来了 Herself Reality show

Awards and nominations[edit]

Brigitte Lin's hand print and autograph at the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong.
Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1975 Asia-Pacific Film Festival Best Actress Eight Hundred Heroes Won
1980 Golden Horse Awards Magnificent 72 Nominated
1982 Hero vs Hero Nominated
1984 Hong Kong Film Award Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain Nominated
1986 Police Story Nominated
1990 Golden Horse Awards Red Dust Won
1993 Hong Kong Film Award Swordsman II Nominated
Handsome Siblings Nominated
Golden Phoenix Awards Outstanding Achievement Award[13] Won
2010 Iron Elephant Film Award Best Supporting Actress Ashes of Time Nominated
2018 Far East Film Festival Golden Mulberry Lifetime Achievement Award[1] Won

Related publications[edit]

  • The Last Star of the East: Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia and Her Films (2005)[14]
  • 窗裏窗外 Inside and outside the window (2011) [15][16]
  • 雲去雲來 Cloud Goes, Cloud Comes (2014)[15]


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