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Brille Records is an independent record label based in the UK, which has released work from bands including Whirlwind Heat, Good Shoes, Envelopes, Operator Please, The Bridge Gang, The Golden Filter, Gwilym Gold, Amateur Best, Casimer&Casimir and The Knife. It was in partnership with EMI Records UK from August 2005 until February 2008. Since 2011 it has been a part of the Cooperative Music group of labels. It is also a sister company to Dummy music website and music publisher Psychotic Reaction Music. It was started in 2004 by Leo Silverman, who was previously Head of A&R at XL Recordings and also created Rex Records.



Release Band Title Date
BRILCD/LP101 Envelopes Demon September 2004
BRILCD/LP102 Whirlwind Heat Types of Wood March 2005
BRILCD/LP103 The Knife Silent Shout 20 March 2006
BRILCD103DLX The Knife Silent Shout - An Audio Visual Experience 2 July 2007
BRILCD/LP105 The Knife Deep Cuts 28 August 2006
BRILCD/LP106 The Knife The Knife 28 August 2006
BRILCD107 Envelopes Here Comes The Wind
BRILCD/LP108 Good Shoes Think Before You Speak
BRILCD111 Operator Please Yes Yes Vindictive 3 March 2008
BRILCD112 Lucas Renney Strange Glory 1 August 2009
BRILCD/LP113 Good Shoes No Hope No Future 26 January 2010
BRILCD114 Operator Please Gloves 31 March 2010
BRILCD/LP115 The Golden Filter Voluspa 26 April 2010
BRILCD116 The Knife in collaboration with Mt Sims and Planningtorock Tomorrow, In A Year 8 March 2010
BRILCD/LP117 The Knife Shaking The Habitual 8 April 2013
BRILCD/LP118 The Knife Shaken-Up Versions 8 December 2014
BRILCD/LP/DB119 Gwilym Gold A Paradise 19 June 2015
BRILCD/LP/DB120 Amateur Best The Gleaners 2 October 2015

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