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Cover of Brilliant! exhibition catalogue showing image of the aftermath of the 1993 Bishopsgate bombing in London by the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

Brilliant! was a group exhibition of contemporary art held at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA between 22 October 1995 and 7 January 1996.[1][2] The exhibition then traveled to the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Texas - where it was on view between 17 February and 14 April 1996.[3]

Theme and content[edit]

The exhibition sought to showcase a burgeoning group of English artists now known as the YBAs.[4] The Walker's press material, defining the criteria for selection of artists in the exhibition, says:

The artists chosen for the exhibition have become increasingly visible over the past six years in self-promoted, renegade exhibitions and publications that have cropped up throughout London. Their aesthetically diverse and provocative artworks are united by a shared interest in ephemeral materials, unconventional presentation, and an anti-authoritarian stance that lends their objects a youthful, aggressive vitality.[5]

Exhibited artists[edit]


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