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Location of the electorate (in red) in the Canberra region

The Brindabella electorate is one of the three electorates for the unicameral 17-member Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly. It elects five members, and is the largest of the electorates in geographic area.


It was created in 1995, when the three-electorate, Hare-Clark electoral system was first introduced for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Prior to 1995, a multi-member single constituency existed for the whole of the ACT. "Brindabella" is derived from an indigenous word meaning "two kangaroo rats" and refers to the mountain range to the south and west of the ACT.[1]


The Brindabella electorate consists of the large part of the ACT south of the Murrumbidgee River, although this region is sparsely inhabited. From 1995 to 2008 it contained the Canberra district of Tuggeranong, excluding Hume, and the Woden Valley suburbs of Chifley, Pearce and Torrens.[2][3] In 2008, a boundary re-distribution by the Australian Capital Territory Electoral Commission, resulted in the electorate covering the Woden Valley suburb of Farrer.[1]


Year Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party
1995   Bill Wood Labor   Andrew Whitecross Labor   Trevor Kaine Liberal   Tony De Domenico Liberal   Paul Osborne Independent
19971   Louise Littlewood Liberal
1998   John Hargreaves Labor   Brendan Smyth Liberal
19982   United Canberra
2001   Steve Pratt Liberal   Karin MacDonald Labor
2004   Mick Gentleman Labor
2008   Joy Burch Labor   Steve Doszpot Liberal   Amanda Bresnan Greens
2012   Mick Gentleman Labor   Zed Seselja Liberal   Andrew Wall Liberal
20133   Nicole Lawder Liberal
1 Tony De Domenico (Liberal) resigned on 30 January 1997. Louise Littlewood (Liberal) was elected as his replacement on a countback and was sworn in on 18 February 1997.[4]
2 Trevor Kaine was elected on the Liberal ticket. From 1989 to 13 May 1998, Kaine sat as a Liberal. In late May, Kaine announced he would sit as a Canberra Liberal, and on 30 July 1998, Kaine announced that he had registered the United Canberra Party and sat in the Assembly as its sole representative.[4]
3 Zed Seselja (Liberal) resigned on 11 June 2013. Nicole Lawder (Liberal) was elected as his replacement on a countback on 28 June 2013.

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