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Brinkley Court is a recurring fictional location, a country house in the stories of British comic writer P. G. Wodehouse, being the seat of Tom and Dahlia Travers. It is the setting of a great number of Wodehouse's Jeeves stories and a popular destination for Bertie Wooster, Dahlia's beloved nephew.


Brinkley Court is said to be modeled on the Lechmere house at Severn End, Hanley Castle, in Worcestershire

Brinkley is also the residence of the Travers' children Angela and Bonzo. Besides Bertie and Jeeves, it hosts a number of guests, including Mr Anstruther, Sebastian Moon, and Thomas, son of Dahlia's sister Agatha. Brinkley's butler is named Seppings and its chauffeur Waterbury, but its most famous domestic employee is, without doubt, the supremely gifted French chef Anatole.