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Former editorsSusie Shellenberger
CategoriesTeen magazine
Year founded1990
CompanyFocus on the Family
CountryUnited States
Based inColorado Springs, Colorado

Brio is an American teen magazine that ran from 1990 to 2009, and resumed in 2017. It is published by the American evangelical Christian group Focus on the Family, and it was formerly edited by Susie Shellenberger.[1][2] The magazine is aimed at teen girls, and presented topics typical of other teen magazines (fashion and beauty tips, music, and culture) from an evangelical Christian perspective. Until 2009, it was paired with a magazine for older girls called Brio and Beyond. There is also a version for teen guys, called Breakaway. Breakaway is also published by the same company.

After years of being not published, Brio Girl began being published again in May 2017. Now being named as just Brio, the first new issue has Sadie Robertson on the cover. [3][4]

Each year of subscriptions comes with ten issues of Brio, and it is available as a gift or can be bought straight out of several sites, including Focus on the Family Publishing.


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