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Brisa Roché
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BornApril 26, 1976 Edit this on Wikidata (age 43)
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Brisa Roché (born April 26, 1976 in Arcata, California) is a California-born musician who has spent much of her life residing in France.[1] She moved to Paris after the death of her father, an adventurer,[2] and began busking at age 18 in the Paris Metro; the founders of Glazart noticed her and a few years later she signed with Blue Note.[1] She has performed folk, garage, psyche-pop, soul and electronica.[3] Her first album, The Chase, was released October 5, 2005 in Paris; reviewing the album in Billboard, Aymeric Pichevin wrote, "A PJ Harvey fan, Roché delivers jazzy tunes with a punk spirit."[4] In 2016, Roché released Invisible 1 from 2016.[5] She returned to the United States in the course of writing her fourth album, which Rolling Stone described as "succeed[ing] in capturing the essence of pop in order to restore it to a song that was both pure and sensual."[1]



Brisa Roché[edit]

  • 2003 : Soothe Me
  • 2005 : The Chase (Blue Note / Capitol)
  • 2007 : Takes (Discograph)
  • 2010 : All Right Now (Discograph)
  • 2016 : invisible1
  • 2018 : Father


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