Briscoe Darling Jr.

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Briscoe Darling Jr. is a fictional character from The Andy Griffith Show, an American situation comedy from the 1960s that aired on CBS. The character was portrayed by actor Denver Pyle, best known for his roles as Grandpa Tarleton on Tammy, Buck Webb on The Doris Day Show, and Uncle Jesse on The Dukes of Hazzard. Briscoe was the patriarch of the mountain family The Darlings that appeared in several episodes during the run of the series.

Character overview[edit]

Known for his gruff demeanor and poor manners, Briscoe would often make blunt or unintentionally offensive remarks due to his social ignorance. He wore a floppy hat and overalls to complement his scruffy appearance. He was also the leader of the family band, in which he played a ceramic jug (which he used to keep time by blowing across the opening). He once attempted to court Andy's Aunt Bee by kidnapping her, but called off the "engagement" when she tried to reform him. Other members of the family were daughter, Charlene, and Briscoe's four silent, but musically talented sons. Rarely ever referred to by name, they were simply called "the boys."

"The Boys" were played by the real life musical group The Dillards and Charlene was played by actress Maggie Peterson.