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Origin Minsk, Belarus
Genres Intelligent rock
Years active 2013–present
Associated acts Hair Peace Salon, Helaiv, Lana Del Rey,[1] Tricky
Members Aleh Vial
Max Bykau
Gena Lukashanets
Alex Stepanovich

Bristeil is an independent band, which playing in indie rock style, although they call their music style as intelligent rock[2] and located in Minsk, Belarus.[3] The band sings euphonic rock songs in the Belarusian language.[4] The band was formed in 2013 year by frontman Hair Peace Salon band Aleh Vial, which considered as one of the best rock performers in Belarus.[5] They released their debut EP, Cyruĺnia Svietu (Barbershop of the World into English), on 26 May 2014.[6] At the present time vocalist Aleh Vial mostly songwrites for his solo electronic music project Helaiv launched in 2017.[7][8][9][10]


Hair Peace Salon background[edit]

Roots of Bristeil grow to Hair Peace Salon band. This band was formed in 1998 year and had some success story with semi-final place on Global Battle of the Bands in 2007 year and participations in numerous music festivals.[11] There was a band, which had over 10 years on indie-rock and power-pop Belarusian scene with mostly English language songs.[12] They released one full leigh album called Gentleman in 2012 and a lot of singles and EPs during of all times.[13][14] Since last LP release Hair Peace Salon was some inactive on the music stage and in 2013 year their frontman Aleh Vial decided to make music further. He paused the Hair Peace Salon music chapter to make himself music in a new project.[15] Hair Peace Salon's drummer Alex Stepanovich followed Aleh Vial and they booth founded Bristeil.[2]


On the end of 2013 two other members joined to Bristeil: bass player Gena Lukashanets and lead guitarist Max Bykau.[2] The band was completed. On 3 December 2013 the band released the very first single "Heta Mahčyma" ("It’s Possible" into English) on Soundcloud that was a part of the future debut EP.[15] There was their first music release, with help of which Bristeil announced a new Belarusian maxi-single that will be coming out on the spring of 2014.[16]

The debut EP Cyruĺnia Svietu was released on 26 May 2014.[6] Bristeil has written four Belarusian tracks for this EP, two of which are covers: the Lana Del Rey hit song "Video Games" and Hair Peace Salon's song "Out of Time".[1] This release have denoted the end of the previous music phase and the birth of a new music stage of the band.[17]

On 21 September 2014 Bristeil released their first video single called "Muzyka Hučyć" ("Music Sounds" into English).[18] On the start of October this video was rereleased to the main version.[19] Bristeil made this music video based on a live session footage of the "Unfinished Song" to Tricky’s contest, which frontman Aleh Vial won a year ago.[20]

The band’s music activities of 2014 have helped to receive the «Opening of the Year» nomination by the biggest belarusian music portal[21] The awards show was held on 12 December 2014, and Bristeil have been planning to perform there, but in the very last moment before their performance bassist Gena Lukashanets has injured her finger. The band did not perform on the winners live concert but met with their fans at the awards show venue.[22] In the early of 2015 Bristeil has opened their official website.[23]

The name change[edit]

At the same time when the first music video was released the band has changed its name. The band name "Bristol" was changed to "Bristeil". The band leader Aleh Vial has been telling about that in a statement to the music portal:

Social activity[edit]

Since April, 2015 they are ambassadors of The Will Gray Blueprint foundation.[25][26]

Band members[edit]




Year Title
2013 "Heta Mahčyma"
2014 "Muzyka Hučyć"

Music videos[edit]

Year Title
2014 "Muzyka Hučyć"

Awards and nominations[edit]

Heroes of the Year awards (presented by[edit]

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2014 Bristeil Opening of the Year Nominated[27]


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