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Bristol Aztecs
Team logo
Established 1990 (1990)
Based in Filton, Bristol
Home stadium SGS WISE
Head coach Chris Powles
League British American Football League
Colors Black helmets, grey shirts with orange trim & numbers, black shorts
League titles 1997, 2003, 2005

The Bristol Aztecs are a British American football team based in Bristol, England, at the SGS WISE sports academy of South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, Bristol,[1] which is also the base for a number of other sports teams such as Bristol Academy woman's soccer team.


The Aztecs field a senior team in the Premier Division of the BAFA Community Leagues, as well as youth teams and a second adult contact team the Bristol Apache. The team was formed in 1990[2] and has played in all BAFL divisions and been in four Britbowl Finals. They remained in the Premier division following the 2007 BAFL re-alignment, and have competed at the top national level since.[3]

Team colours[edit]

As of the 2017 season, the Bristol Aztecs play in Black Helmets (with the Aztecs 'Feathered A' Decal), orange jerseys with black numbers, black pants, and orange and white socks. In previous seasons, the Aztecs have worn grey jerseys with orange numbers.


The Aztecs had their strongest start in many seasons, winning their first seven games straight and beating the Sussex Thunder, the Coventry Jets and the Farnham Knights both home and away. Two defeats against the London Blitz and a home-win reverse against the London Cobras secured second place in the BAFA standings; Ultimately the Aztecs could not capitalise on their season record, losing again to the Jets in the playoffs.

The youth team fared better however, blanking the Kent Exiles 30–0 in the quarter final, then coming from 28–6 down to overcome the London Blitz in the semi-final to make the national finals at Worcester's Sixways stadium. Meeting the undefeated Lancashire Wolverines in the bowl game, the Aztecs rolled to an impressive 36–14 victory to become youth national champions for the first time.

Historic results[edit]

Year Division Record[4] Playoffs
2014 BAFA Premier Division – Southern Conference 6–2–0, 3rd Place Defeated Quarter-Finalists
2013 BAFA Premier Division – Southern Conference 7–3–0, 4th place Defeated Quarter-Finalists
2012 BAFA Premier Division – Southern Conference 4–6–0, 4th place
2011 BAFA Premier Division 4–6–0*, 4th place Defeated Semi-finalists
2010 BAFA Premier Division 7–3–0*, 2nd Place Defeated Semi-finalists
2009 BAFL Premier Division 5–3–0*, 3rd Place Defeated Semi-finalists
2008 BAFL Premier Division 4–4–0*, 3rd Place Defeated Semi-finalists
2007 BAFL Premier Division 5–4–1*, 3rd Place Defeated Semi-finalists
2006 BAFL Division 1a – South 4–6–0* Division 1a South Champions, Britbowl Runners-up
2005 BAFL Division 1a – South 4–6–0* Division 1a Champions
2004 BSL Division 1a – South 4–6–0* Britbowl Runners-up
2003 BSL Division 2 – South West Conference 8–2–0* South West Conference Champions, Southern Champions, Division II Champions
2002 BSL Division 1 – Southern Conference 0–10–0
2001 BSL Division 1 – Southern Conference 4–4–0
2000 BSL Division 1 – Southern Conference 2–6–0
1999 BSL Division 1 – Central Conference 8–1–1* Central Conference Champions, Britbowl Runners-up
1998 BSL Division 1 – South West Conference 7–3* Semi-finalists
1997 BSL Division 2 – South West Conference 9–1–0* South West Conference Champions, Division II Champions
1996 BSL Division 2 – Southern Conference 2–8–0
1995 BAFA Division 2 – South West Conference 5–4–0* Quarter-finalists
1994 BAFA Division 2 – South West Conference 2–7–1
1993 BNGL Premier Division – South West Conference 9–1–0* Quarter-finalists
1992 BNGL Premier Division – South West Conference 6–4–0
1991 BNGL First Division – South West Conference 8–2–0* (Wildcard Round)
* qualified for playoffs


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