Bristol Barton Hill TMD

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Bristol Barton Hill TMD
LocationBarton Hill, Bristol
Coordinates51°27′12″N 2°34′13″W / 51.4533°N 2.5702°W / 51.4533; -2.5702Coordinates: 51°27′12″N 2°34′13″W / 51.4533°N 2.5702°W / 51.4533; -2.5702
OS gridST604728
Owner(s)Arriva TrainCare
Depot code(s)BK [1]
TypeDMU, Diesel

Bristol Barton Hill TMD is a Traction Maintenance Depot located in Barton Hill, Bristol, England. The depot is situated on the Great Western main line and is northeast of Bristol Temple Meads station.


A class 08 is based at the depot for shunting. The only trains stabled here on a regular basis are CrossCountry Class 220/221 Voyagers but other multiple units and locomotives visit for repairs or refurbishment.


CrossCountry 221129 derailed on 24 March 2014 just outside of the depot. The train suffered minor damage and nobody was injured, but the track was heavily damaged, being pulled 6 inches sideways and sleeves being destroyed along with cables and the track needed grinding down.[2]

The depot was home to Tyne and Wear Metrocar 4022 between May 2017 and October 2019 after a derailment at Gosforth Depot. Repairs to the unit were halted in June 2017 following an insurance dispute.[citation needed]


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