Bristol Half Marathon

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Bristol Half Marathon
Date September
Location Bristol
Event type Half marathon
Distance 13 miles, 22,880 yards (21,097.5 metres)
Established 1989
Official site Official Website

The Bristol Half Marathon is an annual road running event held on the streets of Bristol, UK. The route is at sea level and winds through the city centre, along the Avon Gorge and under the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The 2015 event takes place on Sunday the 13th of September.

Fun runners taking part in the 2006 Bristol Half Marathon.

Race history[edit]

Bristol Marathon[edit]

The half-marathon had been preceded locally by the Bristol Marathon, first run in 1982; another full marathon in the Bristol area had been started by Kingswood the previous year. The Bristol route was held in July[citation needed] and ran from the exhibition centre along the Portway to Severn Beach, returning via the Avonmouth trading estate. The Portway return, though scenic, was hot and shared with traffic, so a modified route was devised for the following years. The Kingswood run was shortened to a half marathon in 1984/5.

Bristol Half-Marathon[edit]

The first Bristol Half Marathon was held in 1989, with just 1,000 runners competing. The event grew with 12,000 competitors in 2005, 15,000 in 2006 and 16,000 in 2009, a figure around which the participation level has settled.[1]

Notable editions of the race include 1997, when the event was titled 'The Cabot 500 Run Through History' to celebrate the 500th anniversary of John Cabot's first voyage to Newfoundland in 1497 and 2001, when the Bristol Half Marathon was also the 10th IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, and attracted competitors such as Haile Gebrselassie and Paula Radcliffe.

In 2007 the race incorporated the UK Athletics team selection trial for the 2007 IAAF World Road Running Championships, as well as the Amateur Athletic Association championship half marathon.

The first fatality in the race occurred in 2011, when a male runner collapsed and died.[2]

The names of various sponsors have prefixed the title of the race in the past, with names including the BUPA Bristol Half Marathon prior to 2005 and later the Reebok Bristol Half Marathon. Most recently, the primary sponsor has been Bristol City Council, the brand being Run Bristol.

In 2011 a business challenge was introduced, to stimulate participation by colleagues within Bristol companies.

Past winners[edit]

Key:       Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1989  Steve Brace (GBR) 1:08:36  Bronwen Cardy-Wise (GBR) 1:20:05
2nd 1990  Wayne Buxton (GBR) 1:11:22  Zina Marchant (GBR) 1:18:47
3rd 1991  Nick Rose (GBR) 1:07:51  Cathy Newman (GBR) 1:18:14
4th 1992  Gideon Mutisya (KEN) 1:04:08  Lesley Morton (GBR) 1:16:05
5th 1993  Lazarus Nyakeraka (KEN) 1:03:39  Karen MacLeod (GBR) 1:15:00
6th 1994  Charles Tangus (KEN) 1:02:45  Danielle Sanderson (GBR) 1:14:47
7th 1995  Bruce Chinnick (GBR) 1:06:12  Maureen Laney (GBR) 1:22:40
8th 1996  Martin Cox (GBR) 1:04:16  Olga Mitchurina (RUS) 1:13:56
9th[3] 1997  Kassa Tadessa (GBR) 1:04:52  Trudi Thomson (GBR) 1:18:36
10th 1998  Kassa Tadessa (GBR) 1:06:36  Laura Woffenden (GBR) 1:20:08
11th 1999  Wilson Cheruiyot (KEN) 1:05:44  Cathy Newman (GBR) 1:17:37
12th 2000  Nick Wetheridge (GBR) 1:04:09  Andrea Green (GBR) 1:13:28
WHMC 2001  Haile Gebrselassie (ETH) 1:00:03  Paula Radcliffe (GBR) 1:06:47
13th 2001  Geoffrey Kinyua (KEN) 1:05:09  Andrea Green (GBR) 1:14:56
14th 2002  Hilary Lelei (KEN) 1:05:30  Emily Samoei (KEN) 1:16:43
15th 2003  Julius Kibet (KEN) 1:02:52  Meriem Wangari (KEN) 1:12:22
16th 2004  Simon Tanui (KEN) 1:04:18  Meriem Wangari (KEN) 1:13:40
17th 2005  Wilfred Taragon (KEN) 1:03:30  Birhan Dagne (GBR) 1:12:53
18th 2006  Patrick Makau (KEN) 1:03:38  Cathy Mutwa (KEN) 1:12:35
19th 2007  Tewodros Shiferaw (ETH) 1:03:01  Jane Muia (KEN) 1:10:26
20th 2008  Tom Payne (GBR) 1:05:48  Birhan Dagne (GBR) 1:14:18
21st 2009  Ezekiel Cherop (KEN) 1:03:25  Claire Hallissey (GBR) 1:12:03
22nd 2010  Edwin Kipyego (KEN) 1:03:08  Claire Hallissey (GBR) 1:12:02
23rd[4] 2011  Edwin Kipyego (KEN) 1:03:20  Gemma Steel (GBR) 1:13:32
24th 2012  Pius Ondoro Dominic (KEN) 1:02:51  Emily Biwott (KEN) 1:11:22
25th 2013  Bernard Rotich (KEN) 1:03:56  Emma Stepto (GBR) 1:13:40
26th 2014  Ben Siwa (UGA) 1:03:55  Gladys Yator (KEN) 1:13:01

All information taken from runbristol,[5] ARRS[6] and This is Bristol[7]

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