Bristol Hotel, Odessa

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Bristol Hotel
Krasnaya hotel Odessa 2010 2.JPG
Bristol Hotel
General information
LocationOdessa, Ukraine
Address15 Pushkinska Street
Coordinates46°28′52″N 30°44′34″E / 46.48111°N 30.74278°E / 46.48111; 30.74278Coordinates: 46°28′52″N 30°44′34″E / 46.48111°N 30.74278°E / 46.48111; 30.74278
Design and construction
ArchitectAlexander Bernardazzi & Adolf Minkus
Other information
Number of rooms113
Hotel web site

Bristol Hotel (Russian: Бристоль) is a hotel in Odessa, Ukraine. Built between 1898 and 1899, it is located in the city centre in Pushkinska Street, opposite the Odessa Philharmonic Theater.[1][2]


This stylish four-star 19th century hotel belongs to the same company as the nearby four-star Londonskaya Hotel which is roughly half the size.[3]


The hotel was designed in a mixed Renaissance Revival and Baroque Revival Victorian style,[2] with Neoclassical statues and white marble columns facing the street. It has 113 rooms and is one of the city's notable landmarks.[1]

The hotel was built between 1898 and 1899 to designs by Alexander Bernadazzi and Adolf Minkus and named the Bristol Hotel. Bernadazzi was an influential architect in Odessa at the time and the style of buildings in Odessa is assigned to him in particular. The name of the Bristol Hotel is thought to emblematic of luxury as another hotel built at that time was named the Hotel London.[4]

After the Soviet revolution, the hotel closed in 1917. It sat vacant for some time, eventually serving as offices from 1922 to 1925. It reopened in 1928, but in the Soviet Union it seemed inappropriate for the hotel to be named after the city of Bristol in England, so it was renamed the Hotel Krasnaya (meaning "Red" in Russian) for the Red banner of the Revolution.[5] The hotel closed in 2002 and underwent a lengthy restoration, reopening under its original name on December 15, 2010.



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