Bristolville, Ohio

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Town green. From left to right: Bristolville Congregational Church, Bristol Township Hall, Bristolville United Methodist Church. The Civil War monument sits in the middle, in front of the township hall
Location of Bristolville, Ohio

Bristolville is an unincorporated community in central Bristol Township, Trumbull County, Ohio, United States. It has a post office with the ZIP code 44402.[1] It lies at the intersection of State Routes 45 and 88. The community is part of the YoungstownWarrenBoardman, OH-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Bristolville was founded in 1807, and named after Bristol, Connecticut, the native home of a first settler.[2]

Notable people[edit]

Northern Ohio had settlers mostly from the Northeast, many of whom supported abolition of slavery before the Civil War. One of the notable natives of Bristolville is John Henrie Kagi, who fought with John Brown in Bleeding Kansas before its admission to the Union. He was second in command during Brown's Harper's Ferry raid on the federal arsenal, where he was killed by state militia at the age of 24.[3]

Kagi's sister Barbara Kagy Mayhew and her husband Allen Mayhew, also Bristolville natives, migrated to Nebraska City, Nebraska in the early 1850s. With Kagi's help, they created a cave under their cabin to shelter fugitive slaves on their way to freedom in Canada. Their 1855 cabin has been restored as the Mayhew Cabin museum, and is the only site in Nebraska recognized by the National Park Service as a station on the Underground Railroad.

Notable residents[edit]


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