Britain's Got Talent: The Champions

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Britain's Got Talent: The Champions
BGT champions.jpeg
GenreTalent show
Created bySimon Cowell
Based onAmerica's Got Talent: The Champions
by Simon Cowell
Presented by
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of series1
No. of episodes6
Production company(s)Syco Entertainment
Original networkITV
Original release31 August 2019 (2019-08-31) –
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Britain's Got Talent: The Champions is a spin-off of Britain's Got Talent, a British talent competition series, which began broadcasting on ITV on 31 August 2019.[1] The spin-off is based on a similar format to that of America's Got Talent: The Champions, in that it features a selection of notable winners, finalists and participants from across the history of Britain's Got Talent and other international versions within the Got Talent franchise,[2][3][4] who achieved fame based on their results, all of whom compete in a series of preliminaries to secure a place in the grand final and a chance to win a large prize. The series averaged 5.84 million viewers across the 6 episodes.


Following the success of America's Got Talent: The Champions in early 2019, Simon Cowell opted to create a similar spin-off competition for Britain's Got Talent, which, along with the same subtitle, would operate under the same format. Production was green-lighted by the broadcaster ITV, with the contest taking place between July and August of the same year, and using the same presenters and panel of judges as the regular show.[5] Much like the American spin-off, the episodes were pre-recorded – filming of the spin-off took place during the contest's operation, with production staff editing the finalised footage for full broadcast over a weekly basis, towards the end of the Summer TV schedule that year.

Contest overview[edit]

Around 45 participants from across the Got Talent franchise, ranging from winners, live round participants – both quarter-finalists (where applicable) and semi-finalists – and other notable acts, participated during The Champions contest in 2019, with each of the contest's preliminaries featuring around 9 participants. The following table lists each participants that took part, their nationality, their history in the Got Talent franchise – per respective international version, series, and performance – and their overall result in the contest:

Got Talent History Key AGTAmerica's Got Talent AGTCAmerica's Got Talent: The Champions ArGT - Arab's Got Talent AsGTAsia's Got Talent
AuGTAustralia's Got Talent BGTBritain's Got Talent BeGTBelgium's Got Talent ČSMTČesko Slovensko má talent
DSDas Supertalent FITLa France a un incroyable talent GGT - Georgia's Got Talent! GTEGot Talent España
HGTHolland's Got Talent IGTItalia's Got Talent InGTIndia's Got Talent MSMinuta slavy
PGTPilipinas Got Talent UMTUkrayina maye talant
  Winner |   Runner-up |   Third place
  Finalist |   Eliminated | Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Golden Buzzer
Participant Nationality Act Got Talent history Preliminary Results
100 Voices of Gospel France Gospel Choir BGT: 10 - Finalist 2 Eliminated
Alex Magala Moldova Sword Swallower AGT: S8 - Quarter-finalist ; IGT: S5 - Finalist ; MS: S8 - Winner ;
UMT: S6 - Semi-finalist ; FIT: S9 - Participant ; BGT: S10 - Finalist ;
ČSMT: S6 - Semi-finalist; AGTC : S1 - Participant; AuGT S9 - Participant
5 Eliminated
Alexa Lauenburger Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Germany Dog Tricks Act DS: S11 - Winner 2 Finalist
Antonio Sorgentone Italy Singer & Pianist IGT: S9 - Winner 2 Eliminated
Ashleigh & Sully United Kingdom Dancing Dog Act BGT: S6 - Winner ; AGTC : S1 - Participant 1 Eliminated
Bad Salsa India Salsa Dancers InGT: S4 - Winner 1 Eliminated
Bars & Melody United Kingdom Rapper & Singer BGT: S8 - Third Place 5 Finalist
Bello & Annaliese Nock United States Comic Daredevils AGT: S12 - Quarter-finalist (Bello) , S13 - Participant (Annaliese) 1 Finalist
Ben Hart United Kingdom Magician BGT: S13 - Third Place 5 Eliminated
Billy & Emily England United Kingdom Extreme Rollerskating Duo BGT: S9 - Semi-finalist ; AGT: S12 - Semifinalist; AGTC : S1 - Participant 4 Eliminated
Bonnie Anderson Australia Singer AuGT: S1 - Winner 4 Eliminated
Boogie Storm United Kingdom Dance Group BGT: S10 - Third Place 1 Eliminated
Colin Thackery United Kingdom Singer BGT: S13 - Winner 4 Eliminated
Collabro United Kingdom Musical Theatre Group BGT: S8 - Winner 5 Eliminated
Connie Talbot United Kingdom Singer BGT: S1 - Second Place 1 Eliminated
Cristina Ramos Spain Opera & Rock Singer GTE: S1 - Winner ; AGTC : S1 - Fourth Place 3 Eliminated
Daliso Chaponda Malawi Comedian BGT: S11 - Third Place 5 Eliminated
Darcy Oake Canada Illusionist BGT: S8 - Finalist ; AGTC : S1 - Participant 3 Finalist
Deadly Games 1 Brazil / Poland Extreme Knife Throwers AGT: S11 - Semi-finalist ; FIT: S12 - Semi-Finalist ; AGTC : S1 - Top 12 Finalist 2 Eliminated
DJ Arch Jnr South Africa DJ SAGT: S6 - Winner ; AGTC : S1 - Participant 3 Eliminated
DM-X Comvaleñoz Philippines Dance Group PGT: S5 - Semi Finalist ; AsGT : S2 - Runner Up 5 Eliminated
Gao Lin & Liu Xin China Acrobatic Duo BGT: S11 - Participant ; AsGT : S1 - Finalist 2 Eliminated
Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh Russia Vocalist GGT - Participant; UMT: S6 - Finalist ; DS: S12 - Finalist 5 Eliminated
George Sampson United Kingdom Breakdancer BGT: S2 - Winner 4 Eliminated
Issy Simpson United Kingdom Magician BGT: S11 - Runner-up ; AGTC : S1 - Participant 4 Eliminated
Jack Carroll United Kingdom Comedian BGT: S7 - Runner Up 3 Eliminated
Jai McDowall United Kingdom Singer BGT: S5 - Winner 2 Eliminated
Kseniya Simonova Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Ukraine Sand Artist UMT: S1 - Winner ; AGTC : S1 - Third Place 1 Third Place
Lost Voice Guy United Kingdom Comedian BGT: S12 - Winner ; AGTC : S1 - Participant 2 Eliminated
Mayyas Lebanon Dance Group ArGT: S6 - Winner 3 Eliminated
MerseyGirls United Kingdom Dance Group BGT: S11 - Finalist 2 Finalist
Mirror Family Slovakia Dance Group ČSMT: S5 - Finalist 4 Eliminated
Paddy & Nico Yellow ffff00 pog.svg United Kingdom / Spain Salsa Dancers BGT: S8 - Finalist ; FIT: S11 - Semi-finalist 3 Finalist
Paul Potts United Kingdom Opera Singer BGT: S1 - Winner ; AGTC : S1 - Top 12 Finalist 1 Eliminated
Paul Zerdin United Kingdom Ventriloquist AGT: S10 - Winner ; AGTC : S1 - Participant 2 Eliminated
Preacher Lawson United States Comedian AGT: S12 - Finalist ; AGTC : S1 - Grand-finalist 4 Finalist
Richard & Adam United Kingdom Singing Duet BGT: S7 - Third Place 3 Eliminated
Richard Jones United Kingdom Close-up Magician BGT: S10 - Winner 3 Eliminated
Stavros Flatley Yellow ffff00 pog.svg United Kingdom Comic Dance Duo BGT: S3 - Finalist 4 Runner-up
Tape Face New Zealand Mime AGT: S11 - Finalist ; AGTC : S1 - Participant 4 Eliminated
The Fire Netherlands Dance Troupe HGT: S9 - Winner 3 Eliminated
The Nelson Twins Australia Comedians AuGT: S6 - Finalist 1 Eliminated
The Sacred Riana Indonesia Illusionist AsGT : S2 - Winner ; AGT: S13 - Quarter-finalist 1 Eliminated
Twist and Pulse Yellow ffff00 pog.svg United Kingdom Comic Dance Duo BGT: S4 - Runner-up 5 Winner
Vicki Barbolak United States Comedian AGT: S13 - Finalist ; AGTC : S1 - Participant 5 Eliminated
  • ^1 The original couple for Deadly Games split up after their last performance together. While the knife-thrower remained to continue under this name, their partner was replaced by the winner of the 8th series of Poland's Got Talent for this contest.


  Golden Buzzer Advancement |   Advanced - 1st in Audience Vote |   Advanced - 2nd in Audience Vote
  Eliminated - 3rd in Audience Vote |   Eliminated | Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Buzzed Out

Preliminaries 1 (31 August)[edit]

Participant Order Act Buzzes Finished
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Ashleigh & Sully 1 Dancing Dog Act Eliminated (3rd in Audience Vote)
Bello & Annaliese Nock 2 Comic Daredevils Advanced (Won Audience Vote)
Connie Talbot 3 Singer Eliminated
The Nelson Twins 4 Comedians Eliminated
Bad Salsa 5 Salsa Dancers Eliminated
Kseniya Simonova 6 Sand Artist Advanced Immediately
Boogie Storm 7 Dance Group Eliminated (2nd in Audience Vote)
The Sacred Riana 8 Illusionist Eliminated
Paul Potts 9 Opera Singer Eliminated

Preliminaries 2 (7 September)[edit]

Participant Order Act Buzzes Finished
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
100 Voices of Gospel 1 Gospel Choir Eliminated
Lost Voice Guy 2 Comedian Eliminated
Alexa Lauenburger 3 Dog Tricks Act Advanced Immediately
Paul Zerdin 4 Ventriloquist Eliminated (2nd in Audience Vote)
Gao Lin & Liu Xin 5 Acrobatic Duo Eliminated
Antonio Sorgentone 6 Singer & Pianist Eliminated (3rd in Audience Vote)
MerseyGirls 7 Dance Group Advanced (Won Audience Vote)
Deadly Games 8 Extreme Knife Throwers Eliminated
Jai McDowall 9 Singer Eliminated

Preliminaries 3 (14 September)[edit]

Participant Order Act Buzzes Finished
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Richard Jones 1 Magician Eliminated (2nd in Audience Vote)
Mayyas 2 Dance troupe Eliminated
DJ Arch Jr 3 DJ Eliminated (3rd in Audience Vote)
Jack Carroll 4 Comedian Eliminated
Paddy & Nico 5 Salsa Dancers Advanced immediately
Richard & Adam 6 Singing Duet Eliminated
The Fire 7 Dance troupe Eliminated
Darcy Oake 8 Illusionist Advanced (Won Audience Vote)
Cristina Ramos 9 Singer Eliminated

Preliminaries 4 (21 September)[edit]

Participant Order Act Buzzes Finished
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
George Sampson 1 Breakdancer Eliminated
Bonnie Anderson 2 Singer Eliminated
Issy Simpson 3 Magician Eliminated
Mirror Family 4 Dance Group Eliminated
Tape Face 5 Mime Eliminated
Preacher Lawson 6 Comedian Advanced (Won Audience Vote)
Stavros Flatley 7 Comic Dance Duo Advanced immediately
Colin Thackery 8 Singer Eliminated (2nd in Audience Vote)
Billy & Emily England 9 Extreme Rollerskating Duo Eliminated (3rd in Audience Vote)

Preliminaries 5 (28 September)[edit]

Participant Order Act Buzzes Finished
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Daliso Chaponda 1 Comedian Eliminated
DM-X Comvaleñoz 2 Dance Group Eliminated
Ben Hart 3 Magician Eliminated
Alex Magala 4 Sword Swallower Eliminated (2nd in Audience Vote)
Bars & Melody 5 Rapper & Singer Advanced (Won Audience Vote)
Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh 6 Vocalist Eliminated
Vicki Barbolak 7 Comedian Eliminated
Twist and Pulse 8 Comic Dance Duo Advanced Immediately
Collabro 9 Musical Theatre Group Eliminated (3rd in Audience Vote)

Grand Final (5 October)[edit]

  Winner |   Runner-up |   3rd place
Finalist Order Act Finished
Bars & Melody 1 Rapper & Singer Eliminated
Preacher Lawson 2 Stand-up Comedian Eliminated
Kseniya Simonova 3 Sand Artist Third Place
Darcy Oake 4 Illusionist Eliminated
MerseyGirls 5 Dance Group Eliminated
Bello & Annaliese Nock 6 Comic Daredevils Eliminated
Twist and Pulse 7 Comic Dance Duo Winner
Alexa Lauenburger 8 Dog Tricks Act Eliminated
Stavros Flatley 9 Comedy Dance Duo Runner-Up
Paddy & Nico 10 Salsa Dancers Eliminated


Episode Air date Total viewers (millions) [6] a ITV weekly
rank [6]
Preliminary 1 31 August 7.20 1
Preliminary 2 7 September 6.18 5
Preliminary 3 14 September 5.85 8
Preliminary 4 21 September 5.02 13
Preliminary 5 28 September 5.16 14
Final 5 October 5.63 13


  • ^a The ratings over a 7-day period, including the broadcasts on ITV and streaming through ITV Hub using BARB's four-screen dashboard system (includes viewers watching on tablets/smartphones).


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