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Britain's Got Talent
Series 11
Broadcast from15 April – 3 June 2017
JudgesSimon Cowell
Amanda Holden
Alesha Dixon
David Walliams
Presenter(s)Anthony McPartlin (ITV)
Declan Donnelly (ITV)
Co-presenter(s)Stephen Mulhern (ITV2)
Tokio Myers
Issy Simpson

Series Eleven of Britain's Got Talent, a British talent competition series, began broadcasting in the UK during 2017, from 15 April to 3 June; because the One Love Manchester concert was to take place on 4 June, the live final was brought forward a day to avoid clashing with it.[1][2] Following the closure of Fountain Studios the previous year, the live episodes were broadcast from Elstree Studios.[3] The change in location allowed for a revamp of the studio used by both the main programme and its sister show, Britain's Got More Talent.[4]

For the first time in eleven years, this series featured no judges' vote for each semi final - instead the acts getting the highest and second-highest tally of public votes would move on to the live final;[5] after the series' conclusion, Cowell admitted that he disliked this format change.[6] In addition to the judges not voting for an act, the Public Wildcard format was dropped from the show, while the number of acts making it into the semi-finals was reduced to 40, returning to the original semi-final format used prior to the sixth series.

The eleventh series was won by musician Tokio Myers, with magician Issy Simpson finishing in second place and comedian Daliso Chaponda in third place.[7][8] During its broadcast, the series averaged around 9.1 million viewers.

Series overview[edit]

Following open auditions held the previous year between October to December,[9] the Judges' audition took place between January and February 2017, within Blackpool, London, Birmingham and Salford.[10] No incidents occurred this year that would force any of the judges to be absent from these or require someone to stand-in for them. This series saw a reduction in the number of semi-finalists, along with, for the first time in eleven years of the show's history, the axing of the judges vote. Its removal meant that the public vote now decided on which two semi-finalists moved on, with the acts receiving the highest and second-highest tally of votes automatically entered into the live final. The change in format for semi-finals was not announced until 27 May 2017;[5] on 5 June, Cowell admitted he disliked this change, and intended to return to the original format for the next series.[6]

Of the participants that took part, only forty made it into the five live semi-finals - of these acts, singer Sarah Ikumu, dance group MerseyGirls, comedian Daliso Chaponda, comic magician Matt Edwards, and singer Kyle Tomlinson,[11] each received a golden buzzer during their auditions - with eight appearing in each one, and eleven of these acts making it into the live final; because the Judges' vote was dropped, this series did not feature a "Public Wildcard", but still maintained the "Judges' Wildcard", which was Sarah Ikumu, after she placed 3rd in the public vote in the third semi-final. The following below lists the results of each participant's overall performance in this series:

  Winner |   Runner-up |   Third place |   Fourth place
  Finalist |   Semi-finalist (placed 3rd in public vote) |   Semi-finalist (eliminated)
Playing card club A.svg Judges' wildcard (previously eliminated act reinstated into the final by the judges)
Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Golden buzzer
Participant Age(s) Genre Act From Semi-final Result
Angelicus Celtis 12-17 Singing Operatic Choir Llanelli, Wales 4 Eliminated
Code 3 14-16 Dance Dance Trio Dartford 5 Eliminated
Daliso Chaponda Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 37 Comedy Stand-up comedian Manchester (originally Malawi) 5 Third place
David Geaney 22 Dance Dancer Ireland 3 Eliminated
Destiny Chukunyere 14 Singing Singer Birkirkara, Malta 2 Eliminated
Dizzy Twilight 65 Variety DJ Wiltshire 2 Eliminated
DNA 29 & 43 Magic Mentalists London 1 Finalist (Won Public Vote)
Empire Dance Crew 15-27 Dance Street Dance Troupe London 1 Eliminated
Grace & Ali 17 & 16 Dance Dancing Duo Hartlepool / Middlesbrough 1 2 Eliminated (Placed 3rd in Public vote)
Harry Gardner 16 Singing / Music Singer/Pianist Essex 2 Eliminated
Issy Simpson 8 Magic Magician Blackpool 2 Runner-up
Jamie Lee Harrison 24 Singing Singer Newcastle 5 Eliminated (Placed 3rd in Public Vote)
Jay Wynn 36 Singing Singing Robot Gloucester 3 Eliminated
Jess Robinson 34 Comedy Impressionist London 5 Eliminated
John Parnell 63 Variety Hula-Hoop Artist Nuneaton 4 Eliminated
Jonny Awsum 39 Singing / Comedy Comic Singer Croydon 4 Eliminated
Josephine Lee 30 Magic Illusionist London 3 Eliminated
Kyle Tomlinson Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 15 Singing Singer Sheffield 1 Finalist (Placed 2nd in Public Vote)
Leah Barniville 14 Singing Classical Singer Ireland 2 Eliminated
London School of Bollywood 18-27 Dance Bollywood Dance Troupe London 3 Eliminated
Lords Of Strut 35 & 36 Dance / Comedy Comic Dance Duo Cork 5 Eliminated
Martin & Faye 47 & 10 Singing Opera Duo Warrington 3 Eliminated
Matt Edwards Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 34 Magic / Comedy Comic Magician Suffolk 2 Fourth place
MerseyGirls Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 2 14-17 Dance Dance Group Wirral 4 Finalist (Placed 2nd in Public Vote)
Miss Treat Vibe 19-24 Singing Girl Group Sheffield / South London / Swindon / Birmingham 3 1 Eliminated (Placed 3rd in Public Vote)
Missing People Choir 32-71 Singing Choir London 5 Finalist (Placed 2nd in Public vote)
Ned Woodman 8 Comedy Stand-up Comedian Maidstone 3 Finalist (Placed 2nd in Public Vote)
Niels Harder 26 Magic / Comedy Comic Magician Amsterdam, Netherlands 1 Eliminated
Paws With Soul 24-29 Dance Dance Troupe London 4 Eliminated
PC Dan 33 Dance Dancer Kingston 1 Eliminated
Perfect Pitch Creation 8-14 Singing Choir Derbyshire 5 Eliminated
Reuben Gray 16 Singing / Music Singer/Guitarist Surrey 4 Eliminated (Placed 3rd in Public vote)
Ryan Tracey 35 Variety Balloonist Omagh 4 Eliminated
Sarah Ikumu Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Playing card club A.svg 16 Singing Singer Milton Keynes 3 Finalist (Won Judges' wildcard)
St. Patrick's Junior Choir Drumgreenagh 8-12 Singing Choir Rathfriland 1 Eliminated
TapTastik 19-62 Dance Tap Dance Troupe Brighton 2 Eliminated
The Pensionalities 4 84 & 75 Singing Singing Duo Doncaster 4 Finalist (Won Public vote)
TNG Characters 16-25 Dance Dance Troupe West London 5 Eliminated
Tokio Myers 32 Music Pianist/Drummer/Remixer London 3 Winner
Tyrone & Mina 36 & 35 Danger Knife Throwing Duo Argentina / Spain 1 1 Eliminated
  • ^1 Both performers came from one or the other location.
  • ^2 MerseyGirls initially auditioned for the show as "Just Us".
  • ^3 Each member of the group came from one of these locations.
  • ^4 The Pensionalities initially auditioned for the show as "The Pensionaires".

Semi-finals summary[edit]

Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Buzzed out
  Won the public vote |   Placed second in the public vote
  Eliminated - Placed third in the vote |   Eliminated

Semi-final 1 (29 May)[edit]

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes Finished[14]
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
St. Patrick's Junior Choir Drumgreenagh 1 Choir 4th - Eliminated
PC Dan 2 Dancer 5th - Eliminated
Niels Harder 3 Comic Magician Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg 8th - Eliminated
Kyle Tomlinson 4 Singer 2nd (Placed second in Public vote)
Empire Dance Crew 5 Street Dance Troupe 7th - Eliminated
DNA 6 Mentalists 1st (Won Public Vote)
Tyrone & Mina 7 Knife Throwing Duo 6th - Eliminated
Miss Treat Vibe 8 Girl Vocal Group 3rd - (Placed third in Public vote)

Semi-final 2 (30 May)[edit]

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes Finished[14]
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Destiny Chukunyere 1 Singer 6th - Eliminated
Dizzy Twilight 2 DJ 8th - Eliminated
Harry Gardner 3 Singer and Pianist 4th - Eliminated
Issy Simpson 4 Magician 1st (Won Public vote)
Matt Edwards 5 Comic Magician 2nd (Placed second in Public vote)
Leah Barniville 6 Classical Singer 5th - Eliminated
Grace & Ali 7 Dancing Duo 3rd (Placed third in Public vote)
TapTastik 8 Tap Dance Troupe 7th - Eliminated

Semi-final 3 (31 May)[edit]

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes Finished[14]
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Josephine Lee 1 Illusionist 4th - Eliminated
London School of Bollywood 2 Bollywood Dance Troupe 6th - Eliminated
Martin & Faye 3 Opera Duo 5th - Eliminated
Ned Woodman 4 Stand-up Comedian 2nd (Placed second in Public vote)
Jay Wynn 5 Singing Robot Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg 8th - Eliminated
Sarah Ikumu 6 Singer 3rd (Placed third in Public vote)
David Geaney 7 Dancer 7th - Eliminated
Tokio Myers 8 Pianist 1st (Won Public vote)
  • ^4 Sarah Ikumu was later sent through to the final as the judges wildcard.

Semi-final 4 (1 June)[edit]

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes Finished[14]
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Paws With Soul 1 Dance Troupe 7th - Eliminated
Angelicus Celtis 2 Operatic Choir 5th - Eliminated
John Parnell 3 Hula-Hoop Artist Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg6 Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg 8th - Eliminated
Reuben Gray 4 Singer And Guitarist 3rd (Placed third in Public vote)
Ryan Tracey 5 Balloonist 6th - Eliminated
The Pensionalities 6 Singing Duo 1st (Won Public vote)
Jonny Awsum 7 Comic Singer 4th - Eliminated
MerseyGirls7 8 Dance Group 2nd (Placed second in Public vote)
  • ^6 Cowell removed his buzzer after Parnell's performance.
  • ^7 MerseyGirls were know as Just Us' during there audition.

Semi-final 5 (2 June)[edit]

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes Finished[14]
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Jess Robinson 1 Impressionist 5th - Eliminated
Perfect Pitch Creation 2 Choir 7th - Eliminated
Code 3 3 Dance Trio 8th - Eliminated
Daliso Chaponda 4 Stand-up Comedian 1st (Won Public vote)
Missing People Choir 5 Choir 2nd (Placed second in Public vote)
TNG Characters 6 Dance Troupe 6th - Eliminated
Jamie Lee Harrison 7 Singer 3rd (Placed third in Public vote)
Lords of Strut 8 Comic Dance Duo 4th - Eliminated

Final (3 June)[edit]

  Winner |   Runner-up |   3rd place |   4th place |

Finalist Order Act Finished[14]
The Pensionalities 1 Singing Duo 5th
MerseyGirls 2 Dance Group 9th
Kyle Tomlinson 3 Singer 6th
Ned Woodman 4 Stand-up Comedian 10th
DNA 5 Mentalists 11th
Matt Edwards 6 Comic Magician 4th
Missing People Choir 7 Choir 8th
Sarah Ikumu 8 Singer 7th
Daliso Chaponda 9 Stand-up Comedian 3rd
Issy Simpson 10 Magician 2nd
Tokio Myers 11 Pianist/Drummer/Remixer 1st


Episode Air date Total viewers (millions)[18] ITV Weekly rank[18]
Auditions 1 15 April 11.35 1
Auditions 2 22 April 11.62 2
Auditions 3 29 April 10.79 1
Auditions 4 6 May 11.69 1
Auditions 5 13 May 10.97 1
Auditions 6 20 May 11.39 1
Auditions 7 27 May 10.69 1
Semi-final 1 29 May 9.75 2
Semi-final 1 results 7.19 12
Semi-final 2 30 May 7.90 10
Semi-final 2 results 6.44 16
Semi-final 3 31 May 8.24 8
Semi-final 3 results 6.78 14
Semi-final 4 1 June 7.54 11
Semi-final 4 results 7.09 13
Semi-final 5 2 June 8.10 9
Semi-final 5 results 6.51 15
Final 3 June 10.07 1

Criticism & controversies[edit]

Admin blunder[edit]

Following the broadcast of the second audition episode, production staff had been double-checking the background of Chinese acrobatics duo Gao Lin and Liu Xin, both of whom had auditioned for the show, when it was found that due to an administrative mistake, the terms and conditions for the show had not been updated on the programme's website with changes that had been made in 2015. Part of these changes included an amendment which required any foreign participant taking part on Britain's Got Talent to have the proper visas that gave them "the right to live and work in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland". A check of the pair found that they only had visitation rights to the UK on their visas, which would have forbidden them further entry into the competition had the mistake not occurred. Although the pair got no further than the auditions, a spokesperson later stated that while their visas did not deny them entry into the competition, they would have had to change them if they won the series and sought to claim the prize money afterwards.[19]

Lip-synching/miming claims[edit]

Following the first semi-final, several viewers took to social media to criticise St. Patrick's Junior Choir of cheating, claiming that they were miming in their performance. These accusations were made, when the choir's performance was immediately stopped by the show's hosts because of technical difficulties, whereupon a piece of recording of them singing played for a short while in the background as they prepared to restart their song. However, the show refuted the claims of miming, explaining that while fixing the technical error, which was caused by the wrong track being provided for the choir to perform to, a recording from their rehearsal had been accidentally played while they were trying to rectify this.[20]

Holden's dress complaint[edit]

Following the fourth semi-final, several viewers took to social media to criticise Amanda Holden over her choice of outfit she wore during the live episode. The accusations were against a dress, designed by Julien Macdonald, that featured a plunging neckline that revealed a large part of her chest, which viewers felt was inappropriate to be shown on TV before the 9pm watershed.[21][22] Although Ofcom received over six hundred complaints in regards to this matter, the regulator chose not to investigate the matter further.[23]

Other criticisms[edit]

During its broadcast, a number of viewers made minor criticisms against the show in a couple of areas:

  • Following the audition of child comedian Ned Woodman, several viewers criticised the performance for being "disrespectful" and for having a misogynist nature, after a joke he made in which he compared Amanda Holden to "a dog".[24]
  • Following an episode of Britain's Got More Talent, in which for a segment Stephen Mulhern quizzed the judges on the most Googled questions about them, several viewers took to social media to accuse the show of lying, when Mulhern stated that the most common Google question for David Walliams was - "is David Walliams dating Simon Cowell". Their accusation stated that this was untrue, with several providing screenshots that showed the actual top question to be - "is David Walliams dead?".[25]


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