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Britain's Got Talent
Series 13
Broadcast from6 April (2019-04-06) –
2 June 2019 (2019-06-02)
Co-presenter(s)Stephen Mulhern (ITV2)
Colin Thackery
OriginNorwich, Norfolk
Genre(s)War Veteran Singer
X (Marc Spelmann)

Series Thirteen of Britain's Got Talent, a British talent competition series, began broadcasting in the UK during 2019, from 6 April to 2 June on ITV. This series became the first to see the return of Anthony McPartlin to his television duties, hosting alongside Declan Donnelly (colloquially forming the hosting duo known as Ant & Dec), following his absence the previous year to attend rehab prior to the start of the previous series' live episodes.[1] Alongside McPartlin's return, this series saw the oldest participant on the contest to win the final, the withdrawal of an act from the contest despite securing a place in the semi-finals, and the surprise return of a performer who participated in a previous year's contest, operating under an alias until their final appearance.

The thirteenth series was won by 89-year-old singer Colin Thackery, with mentalist Marc Spelmann (under the stage name "X") finishing in second place and magician Ben Hart in third place. [2]

Series overview[edit]

The judges auditions took place between January and February 2019, within London and Manchester.[3][4] During filming of the London auditions, the event was kick-started by a special performance from Susan Boyle to mark her tenth year as a singer since she first made her appearance on Britain's Got Talent's third season.[5] One of the most notable auditionees for this year's contest was David Watson - a participant who had auditioned for ten years for a place on the programme without success. His latest attempt led to the host of Britain's Got More Talent, Stephen Mulhern, triggering a Golden Buzzer for him. This action led to speculation in the media over whether this had been officially allowed, but it was later revealed to have been disallowed on the grounds that it did not fall under the contest rules, as Mulhern had no official allowance to provide a Golden Buzzer act.

This series featured two notable events during its broadcast. The first to take place was the forced withdrawal of an act - extreme magicians Brotherhood - who had secured a spot in the semi-finals. Despite Brotherhood's success in the auditions landing them a place in the fifth and final semi-final, concerns over health and safety were raised about the dangerous nature of their performance, leading to the group of magicians withdrawing their involvement at the request of the production staff and broadcaster, and their place being offered to another act which had been eliminated during auditions.[6] The second was the surprise revelation that a participant who had operated under anonymity, was in reality a former semi-finalist from a previous year's contest who had re-entered the contest for this year in order to emphasis the values of hope and perseverance.

Of the participants that took part, only 40 made it into the five live semi-finals - of these acts, dancer Akshat Singh, band Chapter 13, choir Flakefleet Primary School, singer Giorgia Borg, and stand-up comedian Kojo Anim,[7] each received a golden buzzer during their auditions - with eight appearing in each one, and eleven of these acts making it into the live final; the wildcard act chosen by the judges was dance duo Libby & Charlie, after they lost out in a tied judges' vote in the last semi-final round. The following below lists the results of each participant's overall performance in this series:

  Winner |   Runner-up |   Third place
  Finalist |   Semi-finalist (lost judges' vote) |   Semi-finalist (eliminated)
Playing card club A.svg Judges' wildcard (previously eliminated act reinstated into the final by the judges)
Yellow ffff00 pog.svg Golden buzzer
Participant Age(s) Genre Act From Semi-final Result
4MG 17-19 Magic Close-up Magicians Suffolk 2 Finalist (Won Public Vote)
Akshat Singh Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 13 Dance Dancer Mumbai, India 1 Eliminated
Angels Inc. 23-28 Magic Illusionists The Netherlands 3 Eliminated
Barbara Nice 68 Comedy Stand-up Comedian Greater Manchester 5 Eliminated
Ben Hart 31 Magic Magician London 4 Third Place
Brian Gilligan 32 Singing Singer Dublin, Ireland 1 Eliminated
Chapter 13 Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 14–15 Singing / Music Band London 3 Eliminated
Colin Thackery 89 Singing War Veteran Singer Norwich, Norfolk 3 Winner
Dave & Finn 42 & 9 Magic / Animals Dog Handler Mentalist Buntingford, Hertfordshire 1 Finalist (Won Public Vote)
Duo A&J 28 & 26 Acrobatics Aerialist Duo Ukraine / Coventry 4 Eliminated
Fabulous Sisters 12-26 Dance Dance Group Japan 1 5 Eliminated
Faith Tucker 18 Singing Opera Singer Nottingham 2 Eliminated
Flakefleet Primary School Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 4-11 Singing Choir Lancashire 1 Finalist (Won Judges' Vote)
Giorgia Borg Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 10 Singing Singer Malta 2 Eliminated
Gomonov Knife Show 25 & 36 Danger Knife-Throwing Duo Belarus 3 Eliminated
Gonzo 33 Music Tambourinist Japan 5 Eliminated
Graeme Mathews 34 Comedy / Magic Comic Magician Essex 4 Eliminated (Lost Judges' Vote)
Jacob Jones 27 Singing Singer Surrey 5 Eliminated
Jimmy Tamley 64 Comedy Ventriloquist Devon 4 Eliminated
John Archer 58 Comedy / Magic Comic Magician Teesside 3 Eliminated (Lost Judges' Vote)
Jonathan Goodwin 39 Danger Escape Artist South Wales 5 Finalist (Won Judges' Vote)
Kerr James 12 Singing Singer Glasgow 4 Eliminated
Khronos Girls 15-18 Dance Dance Group Croydon 1 Eliminated
KNE 22-35 Dance Dance Group London 3 Eliminated
Kojo Anim Yellow ffff00 pog.svg 39 Comedy Stand-up Comedian London (originally Ghana) 3 Finalist (Won Judges' Vote)
Leanne Mya 31 Singing Singer London 5 Eliminated
Libby & Charlie 2 Playing card club A.svg 11 & 11 Dance Dance Duo Manchester / Liverpool 5 Finalist (Won Judges' Wildcard)
Lil' Icons 3 7-18 Dance Dance Group Port Talbot 4 Eliminated
Mark McMullan 23 Singing Opera Singer Northern Ireland 4 Finalist (Won Judges' Vote)
Matt Stirling 46 Magic Stunt Magician London 2 Eliminated (Lost Judges' Vote)
Rob King 28 Singing Musical Theatre Singer Manchester 3 Eliminated
Rosie & Adam 3 21 & 38 Danger / Dance Extreme Rollerskating Duo Blackpool 1 Eliminated
Siobhan Phillips 42 Comedy / Music / Singing Comic Pianist & Singer Wakefield 2 Finalist (Won Judges' Vote)
State of the Fart 3 26 Comedy / Music / Variety "Flatulence" Musician Israel 2 Eliminated
The Haunting 3 N/A 4 Magic Horror-themed Magician N/A 4 1 Eliminated (Lost Judges' Vote)
"The Queen" 61 5 Comedy "Queen" Look-alike Drag Comedian Australia 2 Eliminated
Tony Rudd 58 Comedy Impressionist Bournemouth 1 Eliminated
Ursula Burns 48 Comedy / Music / Singing Comic Harpist & Singer Belfast 4 Eliminated
Vardanyan Brothers 28 & 30 Danger Hand Balancing Duo Armenia 6 2 Eliminated
X (Marc Spelmann) 7 47 Magic Mentalist London 5 Runner-up
  • ^1 Due to the performers within Fabulous Sisters being non-English speakers, their coach had to act as translator during their appearance.
  • ^2 Libby & Charlie were brought in as a replacement for another act that, although having secured a spot in the semi-finals, had to withdraw due to health and safety concerns from the production staff and broadcaster.
  • ^3 These acts originally auditioned under different names, before changing them for their Semi-Final appearances.
  • ^4 Because The Haunting consisted of more than one performer, information on their age and hometown(s) were not disclosed on the programme.
  • ^5 The performer's actual age was not disclosed on the programme; as a joke to reference the character they portrayed, they were slated as "92" when they auditioned.
  • ^6 Vardanyan Brothers's coach was required to translate anything they could not understand properly, due to the pair's level of knowledge of the English language.
  • ^7 Due to this performer conducting their act under a veil of anonymity, details on their identity were not disclosed by production staff; the performer identified themselves in their Live Final appearance.

Semi-finals summary[edit]

Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg Buzzed out
Crystal Clear app clean.svg Judges' vote
  Won the public vote |   Won the judges' vote; won by public vote in the event of a tie
  Lost the judges' vote; lost by public vote in the event of a tie |   Eliminated

Semi-final 1 (27 May)[edit]

Semi-Finalist [9] Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Finished [10]
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Akshat Singh 1 Dancer 7th - Eliminated
Tony Rudd 2 Impressionist 6th - Eliminated
Brian Gilligan 3 Singer 8th - Eliminated
The Haunting 4 Horror-themed Magician Crystal Clear app clean.svg 3rd (Lost Judges' Vote)
Flakefleet Primary School 5 Choir Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg 2nd (Won Judges' Vote)
Khronos Girls 6 Dance Group 5th - Eliminated
Dave & Finn 7 Dog Handler Mentalist 1st (Won Public Vote)
Rosie & Adam 8 Extreme Rollerskating Duo 4th - Eliminated

Semi-final 2 (28 May)[edit]

  • Guest performer: The Cast of Six ("Ex Wives/Six").[11]
Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Finished [10]
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
The Queen 1 "Queen" Look-alike Drag Comedian Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg8 8th - Eliminated
State of the Fart 2 "Flatulence" Musician Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg 7th - Eliminated
Vardanyan Brothers 3 Hand Balancing Duo 6th - Eliminated
Giorgia Borg 4 Singer 5th - Eliminated
Matt Stirling 5 Stunt Magician Crystal Clear app clean.svg 3rd (Lost Judges' Vote)
Siobhan Phillips 6 Comic Pianist & Singer Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg 2nd (Won Judges' Vote)
4MG 7 Close-up Magicians 1st (Won Public Vote)
Faith Tucker 8 Opera Singer 4th - Eliminated
  • ^8 Cowell stated that the buzzer was as a compliment for the act's last joke; it is unclear whether this was done as a personal joke or was intentional.

Semi-final 3 (29 May)[edit]

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Finished [10]
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Angels Inc. 1 Illusionists 5th - Eliminated
Rob King 2 Musical Theatre Singer 6th - Eliminated
KNE 3 Dance Group 8th - Eliminated
John Archer 4 Comic Magician 9 3rd (Lost Judges' Vote)
Gomonov Knife Show 5 Knife-Throwing Duo 7th - Eliminated
Colin Thackery 6 War Veteran Singer 1st (Won Public Vote)
Kojo Anim 7 Stand-up Comedian Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg 9 2nd (Won Judges' Vote)
Chapter 13 8 Band 4th - Eliminated
  • ^9 Due to the majority vote for Kojo Anim, Walliams voting intention was not revealed.

Semi-final 4 (30 May)[edit]

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Finished [10]
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Lil' Icons 1 Dance Group 5th - Eliminated
Ursula Burns 2 Comic Harpist & Singer Crystal Clear action button cancel.svg 8th - Eliminated
Kerr James 3 Singer 4th - Eliminated
Graeme Mathews 4 Comic Magician Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg 3rd (Judges' Vote tied – Lost on Public Vote)
Duo A&J 5 Aerialist Duo 6th - Eliminated
Jimmy Tamley 6 Ventriloquist 7th - Eliminated
Ben Hart 7 Magician 1st (Won Public Vote)
Mark McMullan 8 Opera Singer Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg 2nd (Judges' Vote tied – Won on Public Vote)

Semi-final 5 (31 May)[edit]

Semi-Finalist Order Act Buzzes and judges' votes Finished [10]
Cowell Holden Dixon Walliams
Gonzo 1 Tambourinist 6th - Eliminated
X (Marc Spelmann) 2 Mentalist 1st (Won Public Vote)
Jacob Jones 3 Singer 7th - Eliminated
Fabulous Sisters 4 Dance Group 8th - Eliminated
Leanne Mya 5 Singer 5th - Eliminated
Barbara Nice 6 Stand-up Comedian 4th - Eliminated
Libby & Charlie10 7 Dance Duo Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg 3rd (Judges' Vote tied – Lost on Public Vote)
Jonathan Goodwin 8 Escape Artist Crystal Clear app clean.svg Crystal Clear app clean.svg 2nd (Judges' Vote tied – Won on Public Vote)
  • ^10 Libby & Charlie were later sent through to the final as the judges' wildcard.

Final (2 June)[edit]

  Winner |   Runner-up |   3rd place
Finalist Order Act Finished [10]
Dave & Finn 1 Dog Handler Mentalist 5th
Flakefleet Primary School 2 Choir 6th
Ben Hart 3 Magician 3rd
Libby & Charlie 4 Dance Duo 10th
4MG 5 Close-up Magicians 11th
Mark McMullan 6 Opera Singer 7th
Jonathan Goodwin 7 Escape Artist 8th
Siobhan Phillips 8 Comic Pianist & Singer 9th
X (Marc Spelmann) 9 Mentalist 2nd
Kojo Anim 10 Stand-up Comedian 4th
Colin Thackery 11 War Veteran Singer 1st


Episode Air date Total viewers (millions) [16] ITV weekly
rank [16]
Auditions 1 6 April 10.66 1
Auditions 2 13 April 10.49 1
Auditions 3 20 April 9.48 1
Auditions 4 27 April 10.18 1
Auditions 5 4 May 9.94 1
Auditions 6 11 May 9.40 1
Auditions 7 18 May 8.52 1
Auditions 8 25 May 8.03 1
Semi-final 1 27 May 8.69 2
Semi-final 1 results 6.68 12
Semi-final 2 28 May 7.64 4
Semi-final 2 results TBA TBA
Semi-final 3 29 May 7.70 3
Semi-final 3 results TBA TBA
Semi-final 4 30 May 7.26 6
Semi-final 4 results TBA TBA
Semi-final 5 31 May 7.03 10
Semi-final 5 results TBA TBA
Final 2 June 9.73 1


Professional participants[edit]

Following the broadcast of Chapter 13's audition, viewers criticised the decision by Amanda Holden to give the band her golden buzzer. The band openly discussed that they had met whilst performing in the West End show School of Rock, which prompted complaints by viewers that the act was a professional one and thus it was "unfair" that the band had received a place in the semi-finals.[17]

Unacceptable content in Semi-final[edit]

During the live semi-final on 27 May 2019, a semi-finalist act drew criticism from viewers in two separate areas. Regulator Ofcom received around 192 complaints regarding the broadcast of the performance by The Haunting - 154 of these complaints focused on the scary nature of the act, citing that it was unsuitable for the programme and could likely cause distress for young viewers; 38 of the complaints focused on the reaction of Amanda Holden, in which the frightening nature of the act caused her to swear on live television before the 9pm Watershed. Although no investigation was made, ITV censored Holden's swearing for playback services, despite it being posted onto social media, with Holden apologising for her reaction.[18]

Simon Cowell walk-off[edit]

Following their live semi-final appearance on 30 May 2019, ventriloquist Jimmy Tamley criticised the producers of Britain's Got Talent for setting him up before he had conducted a new routine on live television. His criticism was over the fact that, despite fair treatment from backstage staff, he had not been informed that Cowell had been dealing with a skiing injury during his involvement in the programme, and thus could not fully take part in Tamley's act as a life-size ventriloquist's dummy through the use of a "ventriloquist mask" – a special device used by ventriloquists on human volunteers, which could be operated by concealed controls. Following his performance, Tamley voiced his anger at Cowell's decision to leave mid-way into his performance, later stating that the producers had "threw me under the bus".[19]


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