Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model (cycle 7)

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Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model (cycle 7)
Cycle 7 cast
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 13
Original network Sky Living
Original release 4 July (2011-07-04) – 26 September 2011 (2011-09-26)
Cycle chronology
← Previous
Cycle 6
Next →
Cycle 8
Series summary

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, cycle 7 was the seventh cycle of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model. It aired from 4 July to 26 September 2011. The show's title was changed from Britain's Next Top Model to Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, as the show was broadcast in, and auditioned contestants from, the Republic of Ireland as well as the United Kingdom. The judging panel remained the same as in cycle 6, with Elle Macpherson returning as executive producer and host alongside judges Julien Macdonald, Grace Woodward and Charley Speed.

Unlike cycles 5 and 6, which used the traditional "casting week" format used on America's Next Top Model, cycle 7 auditioned contestants in Glasgow, London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin. This audition process was covered by the first three episodes of the cycle. In the fourth episode, the eighty-five contestants selected were invited to "boot camp", which concluded with the selection of the thirteen finalists.

The winner of the competition was 20-year-old Jade Thompson from Stoke-on-Trent. Her prizes were a modelling contract with London-based agency Models 1; a six-page fashion spread in, and cover of, Company; a luxury holiday in Sandals Resorts in Jamaica; a Peugeot RCZ; a cosmetics campaign with Revlon and a £50,000 international fashion campaign with Miss Selfridge.[1]



Auditions were held in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, Cardiff and Birmingham in November and December 2010.[2] Eighty-five auditionees were chosen to advance to the semi-final ("boot camp") stage of the competition. The group of eighty-five was then narrowed down to the thirteen who would advance to the main competition. This was followed by nine episodes of the main contest, making thirteen episodes in total.

This was the only cycle to feature this format of casting, with the series re-adopting the traditional "casting week" format for cycle 8.


The judging panel remained the same as in the previous cycle. Elle Macpherson continued as host and executive producer while fashion designer Julien Macdonald OBE, fashion stylist Grace Woodward, and model Charley Speed all re-appeared on the judging panel alongside her.

International destinations[edit]

The contestants travelled to Dublin in episode 7 for one photo shoot. The main destination was Miami, where the final five contestants travelled to and competed for the last weeks of the competition.


(ages stated are at start of contest)[3]

Contestant Age Hometown Finish Place
Kimberleigh Spreadbury 20 Surrey Episode 5 13-12
Joanne Northey 19 Greystones
Ufuoma Itoje 20 London Episode 6 11
Hannah Devane 21 Dublin Episode 7 10
Holly Higgins 23 Cardiff Episode 8 9-8
Amy Woodman 22 Norwich
Tanya Mihailovic 23 Birmingham Episode 9 7-6
Stacey Haskins 19 Belfast
Jessica Abidde 23 London Episode 11 5
Imogen Leaver 19 Southend-on-Sea Episode 12 4-3
Anastasija Bogatirjova 19 Reading
Juste Juozapaityte 20 London Episode 13 2
Jade Thompson 20 Stoke-on-Trent 1


Episode 1[edit]

Original airdate: 4 July 2011

The search for the "Next Top Model" of Britain & Ireland began with the auditions in Glasgow and London.

Episode 2[edit]

Original airdate: 11 July 2011

The auditions continued in Cardiff and Birmingham.

Episode 3[edit]

Original airdate: 18 July 2011

The final rounds of auditions took place in Manchester and Dublin.

Episode 4[edit]

Original airdate: 25 July 2011

The eighty-five selected models competed in "boot camp". They took part in a photo shoot in groups; after this, twenty-two of them were chosen to move on to the next round. The final twenty-two participated in the main photo shoot, shooting in pairs and modelling Sekonda watches.

Amy & Stacey
Anastasija & Jessica
Brenda & Juste
Catherine & Kimberleigh
Daniella & Danielle
Hannah & Imogen
Holly C. & Rebekah
Holly H. & Tanya
Jade & Rebecca
Joanne & Lauri
Karis & Ufuoma

Following the photo shoot, Brenda was disqualified from the competition because she lacked a passport.[5] The judges deliberated and selected Tanya, Jade, Kimberleigh, Juste, Jessica, Hannah, Amy, Joanne, Stacey, Anastasija, Holly H. and Imogen as their final twelve. Danielle, Rebekah, Catherine, Daniella, Lauri, Karis, Holly C. and Rebecca were eliminated. After Elle revealed to Imogen that she was through, she told Ufuoma that she wanted her in the competition as well, putting her through as the thirteenth finalist.

Episode 5[edit]

Original airdate: 1 August 2011[6]

The thirteen aspiring models moved into the top model house. Ufuoma was disheartened to find that as an unexpected addition to the cast, she did not have a bed, but rather an inflatable mattress. Drama brewed when the girls were asked to name girls who they thought would be eliminated first, or had the least potential. Tanya was upset after the girls claimed her to have the least potential, and suggested she would be the first contestant eliminated.

The next morning, the models had a catwalk challenge, which was overseen by model Janice Dickinson. Due to her fear of heights, Tanya was worried about walking. When it was her turn to walk, Janice told her that she was the best of the day. Kimberleigh was criticized as the worst, and Jessica became frustrated after Janice told her that she should slim down in order to be a model. Janice revealed Tanya to be the winner of the challenge, who chose Stacey, Amy, and Jade to share the prize. Anastasija was angered when Tanya did not choose her to share the prize, as they had become friends during their stay at boot camp. In order to make up for it, Tanya bought Anastasija a jewelled bracelet, as an apology.

The following day, the girls took part in a tea party themed photo shoot, where they were separated into two groups.

Group Contestants
One Anastasija, Imogen, Jade, Kimberleigh, Stacey, Ufuoma
Two Amy, Hannah, Holly, Jessica, Joanne, Juste, Tanya

At judging, Sophie Ellis-Bextor was quest judge of the week. Holly, Stacey, Tanya, and Juste (although the judges were put off by her attitude) excelled, while Charley claimed that Amy had "lucked out" with her shot. The judges felt that Anastasija's performance left much to be desired, landing her in the bottom three with Kimberleigh and Joanne - who had performed the worst during the shoot. After the panel of judges deliberated, it was decided that Kimberleigh and Joanne had been greatly outperformed by their competition - and they were both sent home.

  • First call-out: Holly Higgins
  • Bottom three: Anastasija Bogatirjova, Joanne Northey & Kimberleigh Spreadbury
  • Eliminated: Joanne Northey & Kimberleigh Spreadbury
  • Featured photographer: Clive Arrowsmith
  • Special guests: Janice Dickinson, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Marie Carrere

Episode 6[edit]

Original airdate: 8 August 2011[7]

The episode began with the model's response towards the previous elimination. Some, such as Hannah, were taken by surprise when Joanne was sent home, while the majority of the girls believed the judges had made the right decision by eliminating Kimberleigh, who was very unpopular among the contestants.

The next day, the girls received their makeovers at Paul Percival's salon - where feelings of excitement and disappointment emerged. The girls were assigned judges in order to determine what their makeover would be.

Models Judge
Hannah, Holly, Juste Elle
Imogen, Jade, Ufuoma Charlie
Jessica, Stacey, Tanya Grace
Amy, Anastasija Julien

Juste broke down when it was revealed to her that most of her hair would be cut off. Amy claimed she did not like her makeover - a comment that greatly displeased the judges.

After makeovers, the contestants posed nude for the photo shoot, which was inspired by All For Eve beauty products. Jessica excelled after her bad performance in the previous week of the competition, while Amy struggled to look soft during her session. Jade and Tanya's tattoos became a minor problem, and Ufuoma was criticized for coming across as "slightly awkward" during the photo shoot. Back at home, the girls were welcomed by Chipmunk, a British rapper, for their excellent input on the shoot.

At panel, George Lamb joined the judges for deliberation. Jessica and Tanya received great feedback for their performance at the shoot, while a handful of the contestants got mixed reviews for their photographs. Stacey's overly slender body and timid personality made the judges unsure of her place in the competition, while Ufuoma's lackluster picture disappointed the judges during panel; as a result, both of them were at risk of elimination. After deliberation, the judges decided that Stacey's potential as a model was enough to save her, and Ufuoma was eliminated.

  • First call-out: Jessica Abidde
  • Bottom two: Stacey Haskins & Ufuoma Itoje
  • Eliminated: Ufuoma Itoje
  • Featured photographer: Nihat Odabasi
  • Special guests: George Lamb, Chipmunk, Paul Percival, Liz Hotchin

Episode 7[edit]

Original airdate: 15 August 2011[8]

Following Ufuoma's elimination in the previous episode, Elle met the remaining girls in the waiting room - where she revealed that they would all be flown to Dublin for the next photo shoot.

Upon arriving in Ireland the girls were taken to a falconry centre, where Yvonne Keating announced that the models would have to pose with the falcons. Some girls struggled to control the bird - most notably Juste, while Hannah and Holly fell flat. Imogen was able to impress, despite the fact that the bird kept flying away. Jade and Stacey excelled the most during the photo-shoot. When it was Tanya's turn to pose, Anastasija and Juste began discussing Tanya's insincerity, and they both agreed that she would not do well at panel.

Back in England, Charley Speed told the girls that a couple of male models from his agency would drop into the apartment, under the premise that they could take the chance to ask them for insight into the life of a professional model. Amy became close with one of the models, and they shared some kisses during his stay at the house, which made some of the girls to question her sense of self-respect.

The cat-fights continued to brew, when Anastasia complained that everyone was being too loud in the house, causing Holly, Jessica, Jade, and Amy to become combative.

Tensions off runway mounted when the girls were challenged to impress the über-brand, Miss Selfridge. The girls were greeted by Julian Miachon, and Yasmin Yusuf (creative director of Miss Selfridge) - in the studio where the reward challenge would take place. Model Alek Wek dropped by, and it was explained that the challenge consisted of putting together two outfits - fully styled by Miss Selfridge clothing for the catwalk. Many of the girls impressed on the runway, and although Juste tumbled on the catwalk twice, she became the winner of the challenge; her prize being a selection of clothes from the challenge they had just performed. Tensions rose even more when Anastasija and Tanya began to have a heated screaming match.

At panel, Jasmine Guinness was guest judge for the week. Stacey thrilled the judges with her stellar shot, as did Jade and Imogen. Anastasija's photograph received universal appraise, but she was told that her nonchalance could potentially be interpreted as boring.

During elimination, Elle halfheartedly handed Holly her photograph, and told her that she was "skating on thin ice". Amy once again left the judges highly unimpressed, and despite having only narrowly avoided being in the bottom two during the last elimination, Hannah was asked to leave the competition.

  • First call-out: Jade Thompson
  • Bottom two: Amy Woodman & Hannah Devane
  • Eliminated: Hannah Devane
  • Featured photographer: Barry McCall
  • Special guests: Jasmine Guinness, Alek Wek, Yvonne Keating, Julian Miachon, Yasmin Yusuf

Episode 8[edit]

Original airdate: 22 August 2011[9]

Now halfway through the competition, the training wheels were off. The models went one-on-one interviews with The Wanted, while Emma Willis (the host of Big Brother's Bits On the Side) judged them. The challenge this episode, was to interview the boy band successfully. Despite making an unprofessional statement, Anastasija was chosen as the winner of the challenge. She chose Juste and Stacey to join her for a date with the past three BNTM winners. After they returned from the dinner, the other models gave Anastasija and Juste the silent treatment.

The following morning, the girls were taken to London's Royal Opera House, where they were greeted by Edward Watson. The brief was to look poised, elegant, and balanced for the ballerina shoot that would take place later that same day. It became time to rise and smize or become the next catwalk casualty.

At the panel, fashion designer Henry Holland was guest judge of the week. Amy's lack of confidence landed in the bottom for the second time in a row, while Holly and Jade were at risk of elimination for the very first time in the competition. Elle told Jade that she just 'wasn't there' - but her good record saw her fight another day, while Amy and Holly struggled for the last time; as they were both eliminated.

Episode 9[edit]

Original airdate: 29 August 2011

The models learned that they would have to pose underwater for the upcoming photo shoot. Jade, Jessica, and Anastasija excelled during the shoot, while Tanya refused to participate due to her fear of drowning. Stacey struggled to pose underwater, and Juste threw up all of the water she had drank in the tank.

Later the girls had a photo shoot with Nicky Johnston, where they were told to show raw emotion. Most of the girls struggled to cry during their session. Jade received the most good feedback for her performance. Anastasija and Juste were caught wiping their eyes with onion chunks in order to cry, which made the photographer angry.

At panel, Katie price joined the judges for deliberation. Jade received universal praise for both of her pictures. The judges liked Jessica's underwater shot, but not her beauty shot. Imogen's photos were deemed boring by the judges, while Anastasija, Stacey, and Juste received mixed feedback. Tanya came under heavy criticism for having under-performed during the crying shoot, and for refusing to do the underwater shoot altogether.

Elle asked the girls who they thought should go home, to which most of the girls answered Tanya. Juste added that Tanya swore all the time, and that she didn't see her as a top model.

Imogen's poor performance during both of the shoots landed her in the bottom three with Stacey and Tanya - who were both sent home.

  • First call-out: Jade Thompson
  • Bottom three: Imogen Leaver, Stacey Haskins & Tanya Mihalovic
  • Eliminated: Stacey Haskins & Tanya Mihalovic
  • Featured photographer: Nicky Johnston
  • Special guests: Katie Price, Lauren Westwood, Rachel Wicks

Episode 10[edit]

Original airdate: 5 September 2011[10]

The girls celebrated that they had made it to the top five, and all agreed that everyone had a much greater shot at winning the competition. Later they received a mail about the beauty shoot for the following day.

The next morning they arrived at a studio and met the Revlon Cosmetics brand manager and the photographer for the shoot. The challenge was to achieve a young, fresh look. While most of the girls received excellent feedback for their performance, the brand manager revealed that Jade and Juste to had performed the best overall, and both of them ultimately won tickets for London Fashion Week.

Later that day, the girls arrived back at the model mansion - where it was revealed to them that they would be sent off to Miami for the final stages of the competition. All the girls became extremely excited as they began to pack their belongings. As they started to pack up, Paul (the stylist from the makeovers) came over to the house, and told Anastasija that although Elle and the judges initially wanted her hair to remain pink, it would be redyed blonde for the new destination. When the girls arrived at the airport, Anastasija's passport was rejected - and she was left behind in England, while Jessica, Imogen, Juste and Jade moved on.

The four remaining girls flew to Miami, wondering if the problem would result in Anastasija's expulsion from the competition. They later arrived at their new hotel, where they were given a private suite. A new E-mail told them to relax and enjoy, so the girls headed to the beach and played a game of volleyball with some guys.

The next day the girls arrived at the location for the photo shoot, where they were greeted by the editor of Company Magazine; who revealed to the models that they would be posing with Charley Speed. Juste was picked as the best during the photo shoot, while Jade and Imogen were criticized for looking nervous in front of the camera.

At panel Elle revealed that the judges would take Anastasija's beauty shoot into account, under the premise that if it was the worst she would be eliminated, despite her not being present at panel. Juste's photos were acclaimed, but she was criticized for not bringing all her potential to set. Jade and Jessica surprised the judges, and Imogen let the judges down at panel with her beauty shot. Anastasija's beauty shot was heavily criticized by the judges, but they believed her body of work to be one of the strongest. For this reason, Elle called the girls into the judging room and announced that there wouldn't be an elimination that week. Anastasija's fate remained hazy at the end of the episode.

  • Featured Photographers: Seb Winter (Revlon Shoot), Rony Shram (Miami shoot)
  • Special Guests: Olivia Palermo, Carly O'Connor, Paul Percival, Victoria White

Episode 11[edit]

Original airdate: 12 September 2011[11]

The girls talk about the non-elimination last episode. They get an E-mail about the challenge which is something to do with acting. They arrive at a studio and are greeted by an acting coach who tells them they will be acting out a scene from a future show in Spanish. Jessica is the best in rehearsals. The acting coach tells them they have to kiss the male actor and Jade is not impressed. Imogen is first up. She makes a mess of it and laughs all the way through. Juste is next and she only remembers three words of the script. Jade is next, she does okay at the Spanish but refuses to kiss the actor. Jessica is last and does really well, clearly the best. Finally, she wins the challenge and chooses Juste to come with her to a pampering session back at the hotel. Jessica was also the winner of the cheer leading challenge.

Anastasija (who was re-entered into the competition) and Jessica landed in the bottom two; while an emotional Jessica was eliminated from the competition.

  • First call-out: Juste Juozapaityte
  • Bottom two: Anastasija Bogatirjova & Jessica Abidde
  • Eliminated: Jessica Abidde
  • Featured photographer: Michael Philnow
  • Special guests: Raul Arrieta, Dorie Grogan, Jenny Swire, Tyson Beckford

Episode 12[edit]

Original airdate: 19 September 2011

It was the penultimate week of the contest, and the quartet attended 'go sees'. Juste's appeal for Miami market was not good as she was label as good for European market, Imogen comes second and Jade won the challenge which is a $2000 shopping spree, She chose Imogen to accompany her. Meanwhile, Anastasija and Juste discussed Imogen and Jade's portfolio while they're away.

The girls will participate in a mini fashion series called "What Women Want" with professional models without rehearsing their walks. which intimidated all of them. Julien Macdonald watch them for the show, Anastasija had problems where she couldn't find her shoes, Imogen did her own way of routine despite a direction of another model.

Elle revealed that there will be another double elimination and that all of the judges will watch their photo shoot. Imogen struggled and was stuck with her poses and was labeled cheesy, her beauty shot received good feedbacks but her full body was questioned. Jade impressed the judges and the photographer as well and was also compared to a James Bond girl. Juste received good feedbacks but was said bored on the shoot by Julien. Anastasija's personality was praised but her modelling skills was questioned.

The girls were called back. Juste was called first, Jade then joined her to the finale eliminating Anastasija and Imogen.

  • Eliminated: Anastasija Bogatirjova & Imogen Leaver
  • Featured photographer: Joseph Montezinos
  • Special guests: Grace Puc, Ron Gerard, Red Carter, Lisa Hollister, Ema Koia

Episode 13[edit]

Original airdate: 26 September 2011[12]

The two finalists of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model, Jade and Juste, went head-to-head in the last challenge of the series. But luckily, they were not completely on their own. Ms. J. Alexander had come to help the girls to perfect their catwalk strut.

It's the prize thousands of girls wanted, but now only two girls remained.

Out of the thousands of girls who yearned to win, Jade and Juste were the final contestants left- but there could only be one winner.

Jade took the title - concluding the seventh season of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model.

  • Final two: Jade Thompson & Juste Juozapaityte
  • Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model: Jade Thompson
  • Special guests: J. Alexander, Mark Fast, Terry Hart, Daisy Lowe, Tiffany Pisani, Jade's and Juste's families


Call-out order[edit]

Elle’s call-out order
Order Episodes
4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13
1 Tanya Holly Jessica Jade Anastasija Jade Juste Juste Jade
2 Jade Juste Tanya Stacey Jessica Anastasija Imogen Jade Juste
3 Kimberleigh Stacey Holly Anastasija Juste Jessica Jade Anastasija
4 Juste Tanya Juste Imogen Imogen Juste Anastasija
5 Jessica Ufuoma Hannah Jessica Stacey Imogen Jessica
6 Hannah Hannah Anastasija Juste Tanya Stacey
7 Amy Jade Imogen Tanya Jade
8 Joanne Amy Jade Holly Amy
9 Stacey Jessica Amy Amy
10 Anastasija Imogen Stacey Hannah
11 Holly Anastasija Ufuoma
12 Imogen Joanne
13 Ufuoma
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the competition
  • Episodes 5, 8, 9 and 12 featured a set of double eliminations.
  • Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4 were casting episodes.
  • In episode 4, the models met Elle individually in order to see if they had proceeded as finalists. The judges initially intended for twelve models to enter the competition, but expanded that number to thirteen, with Ufuoma being put through.
  • In episode 10, none of the girls were eliminated due to the uncertainty surrounding Anastasija's place in the competition, since she had been unable to board the flight to Miami due to her passport being refused, and her fate remained unclear throughout the episode. She returned to the competition the following episode, having successfully arrived in Miami.

Photo shoot guide[edit]

  • Episode 4 photo shoots: Posing in basic dresses; B&W Sekonda watches in pairs in a perspex booth (casting)
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Mad Hatter's tea party couture in groups for Lipton Tea
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Nude for All for Eve beauty products
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: Posing with wild birds in a falconry center
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: Ballerinas with male dancers
  • Episode 9 photo shoots: Sea goddesses for Westwood Rocks; B&W crying beauty shots
  • Episode 10 photo shoots: Revlon beauty shots; With Charley Speed for Company Magazine in a cafe
  • Episode 11 photo shoot: Wedding gowns in the Everglades
  • Episode 12 photo shoot: Swimsuits and beauty shots in the beach


  • Amy: Dyed Jet Black
  • Anastasija: Dyed Pink, later redyed blonde
  • Hannah: Cut Shorter and Chestnut Tones Added
  • Holly: Light Blonde Weave
  • Imogen: Shortened and dyed darker, and Fringe Added
  • Jade: Fiery Red Wavy Hair
  • Jessica: New weave
  • Juste: Dark Brown pixie Cut
  • Stacey: Dyed Ice Blonde with matching eyebrows
  • Tanya: Pageboy Style cut
  • Ufuoma: Trimmed and Straightened


Episode Viewing figures from BARB[13]

Episode Date Total Viewers Sky Living Weekly Ranking
1 4 July 2011 334,000 4
2 11 July 2011 451,000 2
3 18 July 2011 351,000 4
4 25 July 2011 448,000 2
5 1 August 2011 474,000 1
6 8 August 2011 500,000 1
7 15 August 2011 487,000 1
8 22 August 2011 456,000 1
9 29 August 2011 537,000 1
10 5 September 2011 452,000 1
11 12 September 2011 532,000 1
12 19 September 2011 400,000 2
13 26 September 2011 524,000 3


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