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Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre

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British Israel Communication and Research Centre
FounderPoju Zabludowicz
  • United Kingdom, Israel

The Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM) is a UK-based organisation which acts to promote awareness of Israel and the Middle East in the United Kingdom. BICOM publishes materials such as briefings and a journal, Fathom, covering the history, economy, culture and politics of Israel, Middle East peace plans, terrorism in the Middle East, UK-Israel relations and foreign policy.


BICOM was founded in 2002 following the second intifada. It is funded through private donations.[1]

We Believe in Israel

We Believe in Israel is BICOM's pro-Israel advocacy organization in the United Kingdom. The current director is former Labour councillor and pro-Israel activist Luke Akehurst.[2] We Believe in Israel provides learning materials[3] to both the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the United Synagogue, who together represent a large percentage of British Jews.[4]

It is also listed as part of the Jewish Leadership Council, an umbrella organisation that aims to unite its members and confer benefits to its members from pooled resources.[4]

According to their website, We Believe in Israel was launched following the We Believe in Israel Conference in London in May 2011, with 26 community organisations and attended by 1500 delegates.[5]

In the 2010s, the group petitioned for The Co-operative Group to reverse its decision to boycott certain Israeli products.[6]


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