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Britannia is the Latin name for the island of Great Britain, later used for the female personification of the United Kingdom.

Britannia may also refer to:




  • Brittany, a region in France sometime called Britannia minor to distinguish it from Britain




  • Britannia, Richmond, London, a public house and Grade II listed building
  • Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, a Grade II listed building
  • Britannia Barracks, Norwich, a military installation associated with the Royal Norfolk Regiment 1997–1959, since incorporated into Norwich Prison
  • Britannia Bridge, a bridge connecting the island of Anglesey and the mainland of Wales
  • Britannia Bridge, another name for Runcorn Railway Bridge across the River Mersey in England
  • Britannia Centre Spandau, a location which provides shopping, welfare, employment and broadcasting facilities for the British military community in Berlin
  • Britannia Foundry, a heritage-listed converted foundry, built c.  1887, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Britannia Hut, a mountain hut of the Swiss Alpine Club, located south of Saas-Almagell in the canton of Valais
  • Britannia Manor, Austin, Texas, residence of game designer Richard Garriott, named after the fictional realm Britannia in the Ultima series of video games
  • Britannia Monument (AKA Nelson's Monument), a memorial to Admiral Horatio Nelson in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
  • Britannia Music Hall (AKA The Panopticon or The Britannia Panopticon), Glasgow, Scotland, the oldest surviving music hall in the world
  • Britannia Stop Lock, a canal feature in the Limehouse Cut in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets
  • Britannia Theatre, a theatre in Hoxton, London 1841–1900
  • London Britannia Airport, a name proposed in 2013 for a six-runway airport on an artificial island in the River Thames estuary








  • Berliner Thor- und Fussball Club Britannia, a German football team, renamed Berliner SV 1892 after the First World War
  • Britannia Challenge Cup, a rowing event for men's coxed fours at Henley Royal Regatta, England
  • Britannia Football Club, a predecessor of Collingwood Football Club (Australian rules), Victoria, Australia
  • Britannia Posen, a German association football club active c. 1909 – c. 1920
  • Britannia Stadium, home of English association football club Stoke City F.C.
  • Britannia Stakes, a flat handicap mile horse race for three-year-old colts and geldings run annually at Royal Ascot, England
  • Britannia Yacht Club, a private social club, yacht club and tennis club based in Britannia, Ottawa, Ontario
  • FC Britannia XI, an association football club which plays in the Gibraltar Premier Division
  • Lucha Britannia, a London-based Mexican wrestling promotion based in Bethnal Green, London since 2006
  • SV Britannia (Sport Vereniging Britannia), an association football club in Aruba

Culture, media and entertainment[edit]


  • Acleris britannia (AKA Brittania Moth), a species of moth in the Tortricidae family, native to North America
  • Aristobulus of Britannia, a saint of Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity, named by Hippolytus of Rome as one of the Seventy Disciples, and the first bishop in Roman Britain
  • Britannia (coin), British bullion coins directed towards collectors' and investment markets, first issued in 1987
  • Britannia Catchments Group, a Quaternary lithostratigraphic group (a sequence of rock strata or other definable geological units) present in all parts of Great Britain
  • Britannia metal, an alloy of the pewter type, consisting of tin, antimony, and copper, first produced 1769–70
  • Britannia silver, an alloy of silver containing a small proportion of a base metal such as copper, defined by an English Act of Parliament of 1697

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