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Britannia Row Studios was a recording studio located in Islington, London N1 (1975–1995), and then in Fulham, London SW6, England (1995–2015). The original studio was built by the British rock band Pink Floyd in a three-story block at 35 Britannia Row, Islington, London N1,[1] after their 1975 album Wish You Were Here was released. Pink Floyd used the studio to record their album Animals and parts of The Wall,[2] including the school chorus on "Another Brick in the Wall".

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason eventually assumed full ownership of the studio. In the early 1990s, he sold the business to Kate Koumi, who had been managing it since the mid-1980s.[3] Koumi relocated the studio in 1995 to Wandsworth Bridge Road in Fulham, where it operated for the next 20 years. It closed in September 2015 and was converted into flats.[4][5]

Mason retained the original building in Britannia Row, which was developed as serviced offices.[1] In 2012 some of it, including the original studio spaces, was being used as a training facility for the London School of Sound.[3] In 2016, Islington Council granted permission for an extension and conversion of the building into flats with limited office space.[6][7][8]

An audio equipment rental company, Britannia Row Productions, originally based at Britannia Row, was created to hire out Pink Floyd's tour equipment and keep the skills of its crew together.[9] Early events that it provided sound for included Queen's 1976 show in Hyde Park, with an audience of over 150,000. Pink Floyd sold Britannia Row Productions to its managers in 1985, and it is now based in Twickenham.[10]


The studio was used by artists including:


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