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The 234th Infantry Brigade was an infantry brigade of the British Army, raised during World War I and later reformed during World War II.

First World War[edit]

The 234th Brigade was assigned to the 75th Division and served in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign.[1]

Second World War[edit]

The brigade was re-formed as the 234th Infantry Brigade during World War II on 1 April 1943 from the redesignation of the 4th (Malta) Infantry Brigade, which before that was known as the Western Infantry Brigade, which had garrisoned the island during its siege by air and sea by the Axis powers from June 1940 until November 1942. The unit was formed as the main British military force for the Dodecanese Campaign to capture the Dodecanese Islands in late 1943 and consisted mainly of regular army units of the British Army that had served on the island during the siege.

The brigade, under Major-General F. G. R. Brittorous, later replaced by Brigadier Robert Tilney, was landed on the island of Leros towards the end of September 1943.[2] The 234th Brigade, together with other British, Italian and Allied forces, attempted to hold the Dodecanese islands against successive German air attacks and the landings of amphibious German forces, but without success. In the Battle of Kos and the Battle of Leros, German air superiority and tactical ability resulted in British defeats, and their garrisons were forced to surrender after a few days' resistance. The few men of the brigade who had escaped returned to the Middle East, where it was disbanded on 16 January 1944.[3]

Order of battle[edit]

The brigade was constituted as follows during the war:[4]


The following officers commanded the brigade during the war:[5]


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