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"4th (Guards) Brigade" redirects here. For a similarly designated formation, see 4th Guards Brigade (United Kingdom).
For the current formation, see 4th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters North East.

The 4th Infantry Brigade was an infantry brigade of the British Army that served in both World War I and World War II. During both world wars, it was part of the 2nd Infantry Division.


World War I[edit]

The brigade served with the 2nd Infantry Division and was among the first British units to be sent overseas, shortly after World War I began, as part of the British Expeditionary Force. At this time it was designated as 4th (Guards) Brigade as it commanded four battalions of Foot Guards.[1] It served on the Western Front in 1914 and 1915 before being transferred to the Guards Division and redesignated as 1st Guards Brigade on 20 August 1915.[2]

While with the 2nd Division, it took part in the Battle of Mons (23 and 24 August 1914), the First Battle of the Marne (6 – 9 September), the First Battle of the Aisne (13 – 20 September), the First Battle of Ypres (19 October – 30 November), and the Battle of Festubert (15 – 20 May 1915).[3]

The brigade was not reformed during the war, instead it was replaced in 2nd Division by the 19th Infantry Brigade.[1]

World War I Composition[edit]

The following units formed the brigade:[1]

World War II[edit]

A regular army formation, this brigade served in France in 1940 as part of the BEF, evacuated to England on May 31, 1940. It remained in the United Kingdom until April 1942 when, with the rest of the 2nd Infantry Division, it was shipped to India to fight in the Burma Campaign until the end of the war in 1945. During the war, three members of the brigade won the Victoria Cross, all members of the 2nd Royal Norfolks, all posthumously. They were George Gristock, John Niel Randle and George Arthur Knowland.

World War II Composition[edit]

The following units served with 4th Infantry Brigade in World War II:[4]

Battles in World War II[edit]

The brigade took part in the following actions:[5]


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