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The British Academy of Fencing (BAF) is a professional body for coaching and coach education for the sport of fencing in the United Kingdom. The Academy claims to trace its roots to the reign of Henry VII, and was re-invigorated in 1949 as the governing body for professional fencing in the UK.[1]

The Academy provides a comprehensive programme of support and teaching for coaches, and maintains a structured set of qualifications in the tuition of the three weapons used in competitive fencing, including basic, intermediate, advanced and diploma awards. As qualifications are attained, members are entitled to use a range of titles such as Provost, Maître d’Escrime, and Master. In addition, full masters of all three weapons adopt the title Professor.

The Academy run regular residential courses to prepare coaches and prospective coaches for formal examinations.

While the title "academy" implies that the organisation is based in a dedicated training school or other facility, the organisation is more of an association, and its members practice and train throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

On 22 May 2013, The British Academy of Fencing was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee, with exemption of use of the word "Limited".


The Academy publishes a newsletter called Academy News, as well as a range of guidance and training manuals for members.


Prof. Roger Crosnier - Technical Adviser and coach to the British Olympic Team in 1948, and to the French Olympic team in 1952, author of the National Training Method of classical fencing

Prof. Leon Paul - Olympian & last coach to train a British senior World Champion.

J.D. Aylward - Sword-collector and historian of the sword.

Past Presidents[edit]

Prof. Leon Bertrand

Prof. Bob Anderson - Author of All About Fencing, Tackle Fencing; reviser of C.L. de Beaumont's "Fencing: Ancient Art & Modern Sport"; creator of the Canadian Coaching system; film fight choreographer, stunt double and swordsmaster.[citation needed]

Prof. Leon Hill, MBE - Long-serving Chair of the Standing Sub-Committee on Technique and Training, AFA National Coach. In 2011/12, Professor Leon Hill was awarded an MBE for his services to fencing, having been the chief editor of the Academy's syllabus and training materials since the early 1970s.[citation needed]


The British Academy of Fencing is governed by a committee, and its current President is Professor Philip Bruce.


The Academy has relationships with a number of international fencing organisations, including:

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