British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association

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Full name British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association
Members fewer than 9,000
Affiliation Unite the Union
Key people Chairperson: Sean Beatty
Office location Harlington, London
Country United Kingdom

The British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association (BASSA) is a branch of the British trade union Unite.

BASSA was originally formed exclusively for British Airways (BA) cabin crew.

BASSA now has other branches representing cabin crew at other airlines. Branch 1/1117 is for Thomson Airways cabin crew.[1]

Originally part of the Transport and General Workers' Union (T&GWU), BASSA is now part of Unite. Membership is falling from a high point of over 11,000 in 2009. At 8 August 2010 membership stood at 9,555; one month later on 8 September 2010 membership stood at 9,279 before this information was removed from the website and updated to read "about 10,000". Core membership continues to fall as cabin crew leave the company, accept voluntary redundancy or resign from BASSA, however some new entrants from former bmi have increased the membership numbers somewhat. . In May 2014, membership is believed to be 8,907 based in numbers stated as eligible to vote in its leadership ballot. For the time being, BASSA remains one of the largest branches of Unite.

Unite the Union represents British Airways' fast-growing new entrant Mixed Fleet employees, limiting the scope for increasing BASSA membership in future, because its constituent Worldwide and Eurofleets have not recruited new crew since 2008.[2]

BASSA is managed by a committee of representatives which consists in the main of CSDs with some CSLs and Main Crew from Heathrow WorldWide & Eurofleet, all of whom are operational cabin crew.

The current chairperson is Sean Beatty, a BA Cabin Services Director. He was elected in May 2014 with just 14% of BASSA's current 8,907 membership voting for him with a ballot return of 28.5% which is still a high turnout for a TU election in the UK.[3]

Headquartered at the Unite offices at Harlington, London, BASSA has support offices in Abbey House and in Terminal 5 at LHR. BASSA provides a secure website to service its members and a 24-hour emergency number for operational issues.

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