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British Airways World Cargo formerly British Airways Cargo was a division of IAG Cargo, operating air cargo services under the British Airways brand. It was the twelfth-largest cargo airline in the world by total freight tonne-kilometres flown.[1] Freight services were provided using the main British Airways fleet, as well as dedicated freighter aircraft operating under a wet lease agreement with Global Supply Systems.


British Airways first opened a World Cargo centre at Heathrow in the late 1990s;[2] it was an automated freight handling centre capable of handling unusual and premium cargo, and fresh produce, of which it handled over 80,000 tons per year.[3] BA World Cargo also handled freight at London's Gatwick and Stansted airports, and, through its partner British Airways Regional Cargo, at all of the main regional airports throughout the UK.[4]

The company ended operations on 30 April 2014,[5][6] having been fully merged into IAG Cargo, however without continuing dedicated cargo flights. BA World Cargo also operated an automated cargo centre at London Heathrow Airport, and had a base for long-haul freighter services at London Stansted Airport.[7]


BA World Cargo operated dedicated freighter aircraft services to Africa, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, East Asia, North America and Europe from their London-Stansted base.


A Boeing 747-8F of British Airways World Cargo

BA World Cargo fleet as at April 2014 consisted of:

BA World Cargo also utilised space on dedicated freighters operated by other carriers.

Previously operated


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