British Bencoolen

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Bencoolen Residency
residency of British Empire
 -  Established 1785
 -  Anglo–Dutch Treaty of 1824 1824-03-01 1824
Today part of  Indonesia

British Bencoolen was a British possession in Sumatra based in the area of what is now Bengkulu City.

Originally a Presidency within British India, in 1785 it was downgraded to Bencoolen Residency and placed under the Bengal Presidency.[1]

On 15 October 1817, Stamford Raffles was appointed Governor-General of Bencoolen. During his time as Governor-General, Raffles enacted major reforms, including the abolition of slavery, as well as creating Singapore to provide a new trading port in the region.

In 1823 Singapore was removed from the control of Bencoolen.[2] It was ceded to the Netherlands in the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824.[3]