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British Chess Magazine
Cover page of the British Chess Magazine January 2016 issue
EditorsMilan Dinic and IM Shaun Taulbut
Staff writersLuke McShane, David Howell, Nick Pert, Andrew Martin, Yang-Fan Zhou and Gary Lane
PhotographerDavid Llada
PublisherBritish Chess Magazine Ltd.
FounderJohn Watkinson
Founded1881 (1881)
First issueJanuary 1881
CompanyBritish Chess Magazine Ltd.
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inWokingham, Berkshire, England

British Chess Magazine is the world's oldest chess journal in continuous publication. First published in January 1881, it has appeared at monthly intervals ever since.[1] It is frequently known in the chess world as BCM.

The founder and first general editor of the magazine was John Watkinson (1833–1923). He had previously edited the Huddersfield College Magazine, which was the British Chess Magazine's forerunner. From the beginning, the magazine was devoted to the coverage of chess worldwide, and not just in Great Britain.

BCM is an independent and privately owned magazine; it is not owned or run by the former British Chess Federation (now the English Chess Federation), with which its name was occasionally confused, apart from the period August 1981 – July 1992.

Apart from being given a new look, the reloaded January 2016 BCM, now in collaboration with Chess Informant, offers more content, more pages and more writers, among them some of the top UK chess grandmasters.

General editors[edit]


British Chess Magazine 1923
Cover of a 1923 issue
  • DJ Morgan. Wrote the "Quotes and Queries" column from 1953 to 1978.
  • Kenneth Whyld. From 1978 until his death in 2003, Whyld wrote the "Quotes and Queries" column. There is an association in his memory.
  • Christopher Ravilious. From 2003 until Autumn of 2009 he wrote the "Quotes and Queries" column.
  • Lubos Kavalek. The US GM wrote the controversial "Kavalek File".
  • William Hartston. The English IM, Bill Hartston, was one-time games Editor at BCM.
  • Sam Collins. The Irish IM was one-time games Editor at BCM.
  • Phil Hughes. Until 2010, Hughes wrote the "Quotes and Queries" column. He is now a regular contributor specialising in Nimzowitsch.
  • William Ritson-Morry. Ritson wrote the "Posers in Play" column.
  • Peter C Griffiths. wrote the "Practical Chess Endings" column.
  • A. John Roycroft, wrote the "Studies" column.
  • Charles Michael Bent, from January 1975 until 1985 wrote the Studies column
  • John Beasley. For around twenty years concluding in 2010 Beasley wrote the "Endgame Studies" column.
  • Ian Rogers. The Australian GM was a very active on-the-spot reporter under Murray Chandler's and John Saunders' editorships. Cathy Rogers, his wife, was the magazine's principal photographer during that period.
  • Jonathan Speelman. The English GM wrote the technically advanced "Speelman on the Endgame" column.
  • Ian R Watson. From 2010 onwards he has written the "Endgame Studies" column. He is also a new book reviewer.
  • Christopher John Feather, wrote the "Problem World" column.
  • David Friedgood. From 1992 onwards, FIDE Master Friedgood writes the "Problem World" column, retiring in 2011.
  • Richard Nevil Coles, wrote the "One Hundred Years Ago" column, a gentle look at the Victorian game.
  • Samuel Gideon Franklin, from 2011. FIDE Master Sam Franklin writes the "Sam at the Back" column.
  • Kenneth Brian Harman. From 2011, wrote the "Correspondence Chess" column, retiring in the spring of 2012. He is a Correspondence IM.
  • Shaun M. Taulbut, aside from chairmanship, pens the "Test Your Chess" column. He is an accountant and International Master.
  • John E. Upham. Aside from his editorial/business duties, Upham writes the "Spot the Continuation" column. He is also camera and lens for the readership.
  • John S. Hilbert. In 2011, wrote the "Past Practices" column. Also a top US biographer.
  • Edward J Dearing. From summer 2011, International Master Dearing writes the 'Dearing's Discoveries' column, a feature about openings.
  • Alex McFarlane. From November 2011, International Arbiter McFarlane writes the "Ask the Arbiter" column. He has controlled at Candidates level!
  • Carl Gorka. From 2011, Gorka wrote the "Endgames for Learners" column. He is now a contributor from Australia.
  • Alan A. Smith. From January 2011 writes the Quotes & Queries column, where history meets chess trivia.
  • Alan Dommett. From 2011, Dommett writes the "Practical Play" column. He is an expert on the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit.
  • Andrew Martin. From September 2011, International Master Martin writes the "GAMES DEPARTMENT" column. He presents the BCM YouTube channel.
  • Nick Pert. From October 2011. International Grandmaster Pert writes the "Endgames for Experts" column.
  • Adam Raoof. From October 2011, wrote the "Brits Abroad" column.
  • Christopher Jones. From November 2011, Composition GM Jones writes the "Problems" column. He also reviews for the magazine.
  • Peter Arthur Williams. From Autumn 2011 writes the "Peter Principle" column on the BCM website. He is one of the UKs youngest chess writers.
  • Adam Hunt is an International Master, a professional coach from a chess playing family. He reviews DVDs.
  • Tom Rendle is an International Master and coach. From 2012 4NCL (plus other) reports have been regularly written by Rendle.
  • John Cox is a lawyer and International Master. From 2012 his detailed reviews have become a part of many issues.
  • Julian M Way is a FIDE Master and author of a booklet about the Queen's Gambit Declined. An occasional contributor to BCM, he writes about opening perils from which, he claims, he suffers.
  • David Wei Liang Howell. From June 2012, Grandmaster Howell writes the "Game of the Month" Column.
  • Andrew P Smith. From July 2012, FIDE Master Smith writes the "Offbeat Chess" column.
  • Gary Lane. From August 2012, International Master Lane writes the "Chess Questions Answered" column,
  • Chris Fordham-Hall. From May 2013, writes the new "All our Yesterdays" column,
  • Julian (Gyula) Meszaros. From July 2013, writes a series of articles entitled "Analogy on the Chessboard".
  • Theo Slade. From August 2013, Slade, BCM's youngest columnist at twelve years old, writes "The Shock of the New".
  • Yang-Fan Zhou. From September 2013, International Master Zhou is a guest columnist.
  • Carl Portman. From October 2013, starts a series of interviews named "In the Spotlight".
  • Dan Scoones. From May 2014, writes regular articles with the theme of "Forgotten Master".
  • Pete Tamburro. From June 2014, respected author Tamburro writes the "Openings for Amateurs" column.
  • FM A. Tyson Mordue. From November 2014, Tyson writes "Club Knight" on various topics.
  • Davide Nastasio. From February 2015 became the regular reviewer of DVDs.
  • Noam Manella. From March 2015 writes the "Hacktive Chess" column.
  • Tamas Fodor. From April 2015 Hungarian Grandmaster Fodor created the "Fodor at the Front" column.
  • Mark A. Jordan. From June 2015 Jordan writes "Congress Diary".

Feature articles[edit]

Regular items[edit]

  • Media News
  • Editorial
  • News from the British Isles
  • New Books and DVDs Reviewed
  • Correspondence Chess
  • Local (UK) News
  • Spot the Continuation
  • Test Your Chess with IM Shaun Taulbut
  • News from Abroad
  • Problem World
  • Studies

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