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The British Citizen Award is a recognition programme (Honours) which is held bi-annually in the United Kingdom for individuals doing extraordinary work in their local community. It was founded by Mike Faulkner, Basil Preuveneers and Jacqui Wellings in September 2012.[1] The medal presentation takes place in January and July each year at the Palace of Westminster hosted by The Rt. Hon. Lord Dholakia.[2] In order to honour young people (16 and under) who are also doing great work in their community, have launched The British Citizen Youth Award, founded by Jacqui Wellings and Sara Yarrow, which also takes place at The Palace of Westminster annually in October each year.



The British Citizen Award is supported by Specsavers, Irwin Mitchell, Places for People and The I Newspaper, .


Individuals are nominated for The British Citizen Award provided that they have had a meaningful impact on their community. Nominees come from all across the UK, all cultural backgrounds, and from all sectors of the community.

Nominations are free and all successful applicants are invited to a presentation day at the Palace of Westminster in London. Those who receive a BCA will be encouraged to use the post nominal after their name, thus enabling them to promote their achievement in perpetuity.

Nominations will require validation, the first level of which is the seconding of all individual submissions. The BCA Independent Assessment Panel will then require evidence that the achievements, commitment and dedication outlined in the application form has brought benefit to any given community or group. Finally the panel will need to ratify the application before an award will be made. The robust process ensures that the award becomes meaningful, sought-after and long-lasting.


ROLL OF HONOUR – January 2017 Gwen Gray, BCAc…. Linda Mcleod, BCAv…. Adam Black, BCAe…. Richard Chalmers, BCAc…. Les Heyhoe, BCAv…. Martha Lester-Cribb, BCAc…. Sandy Kerr, BCAc…. Denise Fergus, BCAc…. Ray Matthews, BCAc…. Julie Hill, BCAv …. Clive Horton, BCAc…. Agnes Forde, BCAc…. Beryl Parker, BCAv…. John Holden, BCAa…. Pauline Holden, BCAa…. Janis Thomson, BCAc…. Marion Strudwick, BCAe…. Kevin Healey, BCAv…. Mohammed Saddique, BCAv…. Christine Higgott, BCAa…. Steve Mee, BCAc…. Dr. Joseph Waas, BCAh…. Janet Pierce, BCAc…. Fred Holland, BCAh…. Bamidele Adeoye, BCAc…. Rita Piller, BCAv…. Shane Yerrell, BCAc…. Avis Fawcitt, BCAa…. Rick Ogden, BCAc….


Max Morris, BCAv…. Jeanette Marshall, BCAc…. Kenny Marshall, BCAc…. Barbara Craig, BCAh…. Stanley Taylor, BCAc…. David Atkinson, BCAe…. Charles Hustwayte, BCAc…. Cintra Bainbridge, BCAv…. Audrey Tubbles, BCAV…. Mohammed Amran, BCAc…. Kim Douglas, BCAh…. Christine Connell, BCAc…. Doreen Mitchell, BCAc…. Amanda Root, BCAa…. Tim Low, BCAe…. Sharron Macdonald, BCAe…. Eileen Galling, BCAc…. Torron-Lee Dewar, BCAa…. Irene Calcutt, BCAh…. Richard Field, BCAC…. Michael Bates, BCAc…. Frances Kelly, BCAa…. Brian Linnegar, BCAv…. Jonathan Andrews, BCAb…. Nigel Blair-Park, BCAh…. Karen Thistlethwaite, BCAv…. Julie Bell, BCAc…. Zoe Clark-Coates, BCAh…. Rosemary Hutton, BCAa…. Simon Headley, BCAv…. Sajid Rashid, BCAc…. Courtney Hughes, BCAv…. Dr. Mark Sims, BCAv…. Ethan Evans, BCAy….

Roll of Honours July 2016:

  • Max Morris, BCAv
  • Jeanette Marshall, BCAc
  • Kenny Marshall, BCAc
  • Barbara Craig, BCAh
  • Stanley Taylor, BCAc
  • David Atkinson, BCAe
  • Charles Hustwayte, BCAc
  • Cintra Bainbridge, BCAv
  • Audrey Tibbles, BCAv
  • Mohammed Amran, BCAc
  • Kim Douglas, BCAh
  • Christine Connell, BCAc
  • Doreen Mitchell, BCAc
  • Amanda Root, BCAa
  • Tim Low, BCAe
  • Sharron Macdonald, BCAe
  • Eileen Galling, BCAc
  • Torron-Lee Dewar, BCAa
  • Irene Calcutt, BCAh
  • Richard Field, BCAc
  • Michael Bates, BCAc
  • Frances Kelly, BCAa
  • Brian Linnegar, BCAv
  • Jonathan Andrews, BCAb
  • Nigel Blair-Park, BCAh
  • Karen Thistlethwaite, BCAv
  • Julie Bell, BCAc
  • Zoe Clark-Coates, BCAh
  • Rosemary Hutton, BCAa
  • Simon Headley, BCAv
  • Sajid Rashid, BCAc
  • Courtney Hughes, BCAv
  • Dr. Mark Sims, BCAv
  • Ethan Evans, BCAy

Roll of Honours January 2016:

  • Andrew Davies, BCAe
  • Mayoor Patel, BCAo
  • Mohammed Zafran, BCAc
  • Charles Claydon, BCAh
  • Anthony Gowing, BCAh
  • Nancy Kilburn, BCAv
  • Tony Eaton, BCAv
  • Stella Hayes, BCAv
  • Raymond Collins, BCAc
  • Trevor Gilbert, BCAb
  • Lawrence Lockhart, BCAe
  • Josephine Wylie, BCAc
  • Sylvia Morris, BCAh
  • Joyce Foxall, BCAv
  • Professor Gerald Russell, BCAh
  • Julie Lankshear, BCAv & Sue Dennett, BCAv
  • Harrison Nash, BCAo
  • Sarah Hynds, BCAc
  • Elspeth Baecke, BCAo
  • James Ewins, BCAo
  • Barbara Boyes, BCAc
  • Elizabeth Jackson, BCAc
  • Alan Nethercott, BCAv
  • John Young, BCAc
  • Ken Floyde, BCAc
  • Paula Maguire, BCAv & Robert Maguire, BCAv
  • Andy Jackson, BCAv
  • Mavis Nye, BCAh
  • Alison Kinge, BCAv
  • Emily Palmer, BCAv
  • Fred Sirieix, BCAc

Roll of Honours July 2015:

  • Jane Newton, BCAc
  • Heather Jones, BCAe
  • Daniel O’Brien, BCAc
  • Max Levitas, BCAc
  • George Geraghty, BCAc
  • Mark and Nicola Tipping, BCAv
  • Gordon Badenoch, BCAv
  • Elizabeth Parker, BCAo
  • Kenneth Gardner, BCAa
  • Joyce Rothschild, BCAv
  • Kwong Ngan, BCAc
  • Patsy Elliott, BCAv
  • Christopher Colledge, BCAc
  • Stuart Russell, BCAa
  • David Hardy, BCAc
  • Mary Rae, BCAa
  • Brian and Mary Kay, BCAv
  • Patricia Caffrey, BCAv
  • Nicola Stevens, BCAo
  • David Westley, BCAc
  • Barbara Ruby Quartey, BCAe
  • John Fahey, BCAv
  • Ashley Jones, BCAc
  • Graham Penness, BCAc
  • Rosa Macpherson, BCAv
  • Maureen Brass, BCAa
  • Chantal Lockey, BCAh
  • Martin Wyatt, BCAa
  • Jodie Vasquez, BCAv
  • Monica Russell, BCAv

Roll of Honours January 2015:

  • Simon Albert, BCAb
  • John Anderson, BCAv
  • Susan Bates, BCAv
  • Dr. Ashok Bhuvanagiri, BCAc
  • Shane Board, BCAv
  • Evelyn Buckland, BCAc
  • Charles Callaghan, BCAv
  • Donald Franks, BCAv
  • Claire Guest, BCAh
  • Lynda Gwyther, BCAe
  • Pauline Holman, BCAv
  • Audrey Johnson, BCAv
  • Capt. Tristan Loraine, BCAi
  • Tracy Maher, BCAc
  • Harvey Mcsloy, BCAv
  • Irene Moore, BCAc
  • Primrose Kaur Panglea, BCAc
  • Arun Vaghjibhai Patel, BCAh
  • Linda Ann Phillips, BCAc
  • Howell Briscoe Rowlands, BCAc
  • Dorothy Rundle, BCAo
  • Darran Saunders, BCAc
  • Courtney Saunders-Jones, BCAc
  • Caroline Shearer, BCAc
  • John Shufflebottom, BCAv
  • Tommy Whitelaw, BCAh
  • Rick Wilson, BCAh
  • Dr. Ann-Marie Wilson, BCAo

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