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The British Columbia Historical Federation encourages interest in the history of British Columbia through research, presentation, and support.

The Federation provides a collective voice for its member societies.

About the British Columbia Historical Federation[edit]

The British Columbia Historical Association was established on October 12, 1922, and on March 2, 1927, the Association was registered under the Societies Act. It was renamed the British Columbia Historical Federation on July 29, 1983 — a name that better reflects its role as an umbrella organization for provincial historical societies. The Federation is a nonprofit organization registered as a charitable society under the Income Tax Act.


The British Columbia Historical Federation has three publications: two print and one website. Its quarterly magazine, British Columbia History, is dedicated solely to the history of the province of British Columbia.

The British Columbia Historical News first appeared in Spring 1968. Early issues included news from member societies and of local historical interest as well as a feature article. As the journal matured it published fewer news items and more feature articles, so to reflect this change the title was revised to British Columbia History in 2005. All of these publications have now been digitized and made available to researchers on-line through a partnership with UBC Library. British Columbia History is a member of the Magazine Association of British Columbia.

In order to provide timely information to member societies the British Columbia Historical Federation Newsletter has been issued since June 2003.


Year President
1922–1925 Judge F.W. Howay
1926–1927 John Hosie
1928–1929 V.L. Denton
1930–1935 Unknown
1936–1937 William Kaye Lamb
1938 Dr. Walter Noble Sage
1939 J.S. Plaskett
1940 T.A. Rickard
1941 Kenneth A. Waites
1942 J.C. Goodfellow
1943–1944 B.A. McKelvie
1945 Helen R. Boutilier
1946 Madge Wolfenden
1947 George B. White
1948 W.E. Ireland
1949 Dr. Margaret Ormsby
1950 Burt R. Campbell
1951 Maj. H.C. Holmes
1952 D.A. McGregor
1953 H.C. Gilliland
1954 Capt. C.W. Cates
1955 Elsie Turnbull
1956 Russell Potter
1957 W.N. Sage
1958-60 Lois Haggen
1961 F.H. Johnson
1962 John E. Gibbard
1963 Maj. H.C. Holmes
1964-66 Donald New
1967-69 Mabel Jordon
1970-71 H.R. Brammall
1972-73 Col. G.S. Andrews
1974-75 Frank Street
1976-77 A.G. Slocomb
1978 Helen B. Akrigg
1979-80 Ruth Barnett
1981-83 Barbara Stannard
1984-85 Leonard G. McCann
1986-87 Naomi Miller
1988-90 John D. Spittle
1991-93 Myrtle Haslam
1994-96 Alice Glanville
1997-99 R.J. (Ron) Welwood

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