British Columbia New Democratic Party leadership elections

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This page covers the results of leadership elections in the British Columbia New Democratic Party (known as the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation before 1961).

Early developments[edit]

On July 5, 1936, CCF parliamentary leader Robert Connell survived a leadership challenge, 138 votes to 76. It was also determined, at this meeting, that the party's future leadership would be decided by delegated conventions.

Leadership convention, 1939[edit]

(Held June 26, 1939)

Leadership convention, 1953[edit]

(Held April 10, 1953)

Leadership convention, 1956[edit]

(Held April 6, 1956)

Leadership convention, 1961[edit]

(Held October 28, 1961)

Leadership challenge, 1967[edit]

(Held on June 4, 1967, in Burnaby, British Columbia.)

Leadership convention, 1969[edit]

(Held on April 12, 1969.)

First ballot:

Second ballot:

Berger stepped down as party leader after the NDP lost the provincial election of 1969. Barrett was subsequently chosen as interim party leader.

Leadership convention, 1970[edit]

(Held June 6, 1970)

Leadership convention, 1984[edit]

(Held on May 20, 1984.)

First ballot:

Lea was eliminated, and endorsed Stupich.

Second ballot:

Birrell was eliminated. She initially declined to endorse another candidate, but later supported Robert Skelly.

Third ballot:

Stupich was eliminated. He declined to endorse another candidate.

Fourth ballot:

King was eliminated, and endorsed Skelly.

Fifth ballot:

Leadership convention, 1987[edit]

(Held on April 12, 1987.)

Leadership convention, 1996[edit]

(Held on February 18, 1996.)

Leadership convention, 2000[edit]

(Held on February 20, 2000.)

(Gordon Wilson had been a candidate but withdrew an hour before voting began and endorsed Corky Evans.[1] Labour activist Len Werden had withdrawn the day before the convention. Joy MacPhail had also been a candidate but she dropped out on January 8, 2000 and threw her support to Ujjal Dosanjh.[2] MacPhail became interim leader after Dosanjh lost his seat in the 2001 provincial election and resigned. On June 4, 2003 she announced her intention to resign as interim leader.)

Leadership convention, 2003[edit]

(Held on November 23, 2003.)

First ballot:

Second ballot:

Leadership convention, 2011[edit]

See British Columbia New Democratic Party leadership election, 2011

(Held on April 17, 2011.)

Candidate First ballot Second ballot Third ballot
Votes Percent Votes Percent Votes Percent
Adrian Dix 7,638 38.2% 7,748 39.3% 9,772 51.8%
Mike Farnworth 6,979 34.9% 6,951 35.2% 9,095 48.2%
John Horgan 4,844 24.2% 5,034 25.5%
Dana Larsen 531 2.7%

Leadership convention, 2014[edit]

See British Columbia New Democratic Party leadership election, 2014

(Originally to be held September 28, 2014.)

John Horgan acclaimed leader on May 1, 2014, when the nomination deadline passes with no other candidate registering. He officially took over as party leader May 4, 2014.[3]


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