British Columbia general election, 1963

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British Columbia general election, 1963

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52 seats of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
27 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader W. A. C. Bennett Robert Strachan
Party Social Credit New Democratic
Leader since 1952 1956
Leader's seat South Okanagan Cowichan-Newcastle
Last election 32 16
Seats won 33 14
Seat change Increase1 Decrease2
Popular vote 395,079 269,004
Percentage 40.83 27.80
Swing Increase2.00 Decrease4.93

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Ray Perrault Davie Fulton
Party Liberal Progressive Conservative
Leader since 1959 1960
Leader's seat North Vancouver Ran in Kamloops (lost)
Last election 4 0
Seats won 5 0
Seat change Increase1 Steady0
Popular vote 193,363 109,090
Percentage 19.98 11.27
Swing Decrease0.92 Increase4.55

Premier before election

W. A. C. Bennett
Social Credit


W. A. C. Bennett
Social Credit

The British Columbia general election of 1963 was the 27th general election in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. It was held to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. The election was called on August 22, 1963, and held on September 30, 1963. The new legislature met for the first time on January 23, 1964.

The conservative Social Credit Party of Premier W.A.C. Bennett was re-elected with a majority in the legislature to a fifth term in government. The party increased its share of the popular vote and number of seats in the legislature marginally.

The opposition New Democratic Party (formerly the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation) had small losses both in popular vote and number of seats.

The Liberals won about 20% of the popular vote, and one additional seat, for a total of five.

The Progressive Conservative Party won no seats in the legislature increasing its share of the popular vote by four-and-half percentage points to over 11%.


33 14 5
Social Credit New Democratic Liberal
Party Party leader # of
Seats Popular vote
1960 Elected % Change # % % Change
Social Credit W.A.C. Bennett 52 32 33 +3.1% 395,079 40.83% +2.00%
  New Democrats Bob Strachan 52 16 14 -12.5% 269,004 27.80% -4.93%
Liberal Ray Perrault 51 4 5 +25.0% 193,363 19.98% -0.92%
  Progressive Conservative Davie Fulton 44 - - - 109,090 11.27% +4.55%
Communist   4 - - - 849 0.09% -0.48%
  Independent 1 - - - 215 0.02% -0.23%
  Socialist   1 * 0 * 75 0.01% *
Total 205 52 52 - 967,675 100%  
Source: Elections BC


* Party did not nominate candidates in the previous election.

Results by riding[edit]

Results of British Columbia general election, 1963
Government Opposition
Member Riding
& party
& party
     William Collins Speare Cariboo
Social Credit
New Democrat
Stanley John Squire     
     William Kenneth Kiernan Chilliwack
Social Credit
New Democrat
Frank Arthur Calder     
     James Roland Chabot Columbia
Social Credit
New Democrat
Gordon Dowding     
     Daniel Robert John Campbell Comox
Social Credit
          Charles Willoughby MacSorley     
     Ernest A. LeCours Delta
Social Credit
New Democrat
Robert Martin Strachan2     
     Hunter Bertram Vogel           Cranbrook
New Democrat
Leo Thomas Nimsick     
     Herbert Joseph Bruch Esquimalt
Social Credit
New Democrat
Dave Barrett     
     Ray Gillis Williston Fort George
Social Credit
          Grand Forks-Greenwood
New Democrat
Lois Haggen     
     Philip Arthur Gaglardi
Social Credit
New Democrat
Randolph Harding     
     Donald Frederick Robinson Lillooet
Social Credit
New Democrat
Anthony John Gargrave     
     Wesley Drewett Black Nelson-Creston
Social Credit
          Nanaimo and the Islands
New Democrat
David Stupich     
     George William McLeod North Okanagan
Social Credit
          New Westminster
New Democrat
Rae Eddie     
     Jacob Francis Huhn North Peace River
Social Credit
          Vancouver East
New Democrat
Alexander Barrett MacDonald     
     Cyril Morley Shelford Omineca
Social Credit
          Arthur James Turner     
     William Harvey Murray Prince Rupert
Social Credit
New Democrat
William Leonard Hartley     
     Arvid Lundell Revelstoke
Social Credit
Henry Cartmell (Harry) McKay     
     Donald Leslie Brothers Rossland-Trail
Social Credit
          North Vancouver
James Gordon Gibson     
     John Douglas Tidball Tisdalle Saanich
Social Credit
          Raymond Joseph Perrault     
     Willis Franklin Jefcoat Salmon Arm
Social Credit
          Oak Bay
Alan Brock MacFarlane     
     Frank Richter, Jr.
Social Credit
          Vancouver-Point Grey
Patrick Lucey McGeer     
     Dudley George Little Skeena
Social Credit
     William Andrew Cecil Bennett1 South Okanagan
Social Credit
     Stanley Carnell
South Peace River
Social Credit
     Eric Charles Fitzgerald Martin
Social Credit
     Bert Price
     Alexander Small Matthew Vancouver Centre
Social Credit
     Leslie Raymond Peterson     
     Robert William Bonner Vancouver-Point Grey
Social Credit
     Ralph Raymond Loffmark     
     William Neelands Chant Victoria City
Social Credit
     Waldo McTavish Skillings     
     John Donald Smith     
1 Premier-Elect 2 Leader of the Opposition
Source: Elections BC

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