British Crop Production Council

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British Crop Production Council
Abbreviation BCPC
Formation 1967
Legal status Non-profit company and Registered charity
Purpose Crop production in the UK
Region served
General Manager
Chris Todd
Main organ
Executive Board
Affiliations NFU, NIAB, Environment Agency, BBSRC, DARDNI, NERC, SCI, DEFRA, BSPP
Website British Crop Production Council

The British Crop Production Council (BCPC) is an organisation that promotes the use of good science and technology in the understanding and application of effective and sustainable crop production. BCPC is a Registered Charity and a Company limited by Guarantee.

Its key objectives are to: Identify developing issues in the science and practice of crop protection and production, and provide informed, independent analysis and views on these to opinion formers, government and the public; Publish definitive information for growers, advisors and other stakeholders in the food, fuel and fibre production chain, in the form of reference works, manuals and handbooks; Organise and co-host conferences and symposia to provide platforms for the reporting and debate of scientific relevant results and opinion; Contribute to the future of UK (bio) science by providing publications for schools which stimulate interest and learning.


BCPC was formed in 1967 by the amalgamation of the British Weed Control Council and the British Insecticide and Fungicide Council under the presidency of Sir Frederick Bawden, who was Director of then Rothamsted Experimental Station.


BCPC achieves its objectives through the delivery of the following products and services:

1. Informed and Independent Analysis and Opinion

news releases reflecting outputs from Expert Working Groups (Weeds, Pests and Diseases, Applications and Seed Treatment) and individual board members; responses to consultations and briefs for MPs, DEFRA.

2. Definitive Crop Production/Protection Information

The Pesticide Manual, The Manual of BioControl Agents, The UK Pesticide Guide; Technical training handbooks covering - Field Scale Spraying, Small Scale Spraying, Using Pesticides, Spreading Fertilisers and Applying Slug Pellets and Safety Equipment Handbook On-line resources –, New Crop Opportunities, Identipest, Garden Detective; the weekly BCPC News

3. Conferences and Symposia

the international BCPC Congress and Exhibition; specialist science and technology symposia; fora for stakeholders throughout the food chain.

4. Science Education

Beginners Life Science Series; Beginners Physical Science Series

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