British Empire Range

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British Empire Range
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British Empire Range, to the north of Tanquary Fiord
Highest point
Peak Barbeau Peak
Elevation 2,616 m (8,583 ft)
Coordinates 81°54′30″N 75°01′30″W / 81.90833°N 75.02500°W / 81.90833; -75.02500
British Empire Range is located in Nunavut
British Empire Range
Country Canada
Territory Nunavut
Range coordinates 82°21′N 77°30′W / 82.350°N 77.500°W / 82.350; -77.500Coordinates: 82°21′N 77°30′W / 82.350°N 77.500°W / 82.350; -77.500

The British Empire Range is a mountain range on Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada. The range is one of the most northern ranges in the world[1] and the Arctic Cordillera, surpassed only by the Challenger Mountains[2] which lies immediately to the northwest and the United States Range[3] slightly further east. The highest mountain in the range is Barbeau Peak.

The range was named by Gordon Noel Humphreys during the Oxford University Ellesmere Land Expedition. Edward Shackleton, also a member of the party, claimed, in 1937, that Humphreys had done so because he was "a great imperialist".

Peaks of the range include:

Peak metres feet
Barbeau Peak 2,616 8,583
Mount Whisler 2,500 8,202
Arrowhead Mountain 1,860 6,102
Highpointer Peak 1,585 5,200


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