British Firework Championships

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British Firework Championships
British Fireworks Championship 2007 9.jpg
British Firework Championships in Plymouth
Begins 9.30pm
Ends 10.15pm
Frequency Annually
Location(s) Mount Batten Breakwater, Plymouth, United Kingdom
Inaugurated 1997
Attendance 200,000+

The British Firework Championships or National Firework Championships is an annual competition held in Plymouth, Devon, England, every August where judges review fireworks displays from professional fireworks companies and select the best examples.

It is watched by more than 200,000 people.[1]


The event takes place on the Mount Batten breakwater each year

The competition was first held in 1997. Competitors set up their displays on the Mount Batten Breakwater which is closed to the public for the duration of the competition. The competition rules place restrictions on budget, duration and amount of ordinace that can be used for each display.

As part of the event's tenth anniversary in 2006, eight prior winners were invited to take part in a Champion of Champions competition. A lecturer from the University of Plymouth, Roy Lowry, attempted to break the world record of the most amount of rockets fired simultaneously with 55,000.[2]

In 2012, no winner was declared due to bad weather in Plymouth. The 2013 event was a 'Champion of Champions' with the six previous winners being invited. This was postponed from 2012.[3] Star Fireworks being crowned Champion of Champions.


  • 1997: Fantastic Fireworks
  • 1998: Northern Lights Fireworks
  • 1999: Happy Dragon Fireworks
  • 2000: Pyro 1
  • 2001: Shellscape Pyrotechnics
  • 2002: Shellscape Pyrotechnics (second win)
  • 2003: Jubilee Fireworks
  • 2004: Alan Hillary Pyrotechnics now Reaction Fireworks[4]
  • 2005: MLE Pyrotechnics
  • 2006, Champion of Champions winner: Jubilee Fireworks (second win)
  • 2007: Selstar Fireworks
  • 2008: Pendragon Fireworks
  • 2009: Phoenix Fireworks
  • 2010: Star Fireworks
  • 2011: MLE Pyrotechnics (second win)
  • 2012: No winner declared due to bad weather.[3]
  • 2013, Champion of Champions winner: Star Fireworks[5] (second win)
  • 2014: Blitz Fireworks
  • 2015: Fantastic Fireworks (second win)
  • 2016: Gala Fireworks


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