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British Grove Studios is a recording studio located at 20 British Grove in Chiswick, West London, owned by musician Mark Knopfler.

British Grove Studios was built by David Stewart, the current manager of the studio, commissioned by Knopfler as "a monument to past and future technology".[1] It has two studios. Alongside modern technology, the equipment includes two old EMI mixing consoles: a very rare tube desk from the 1960s like the ones used by George Martin and The Beatles and a later console on which the album Band on the Run was recorded.[1] The large console in studio one is a custom-made Neve 88R, while the console in studio two is an API Legacy. The main speakers are ATC monitors in a 5.1 configuration.[2] Specifically, the full-range models are ATC SCM 300ASL (300A) mounted in standard left-center-right configuration, with two more 300As on a unique track system for surround. Dual ATC SCM0.1/15ASL PRO (Sub 1/15) subwoofers alongside the left and right mains provide the LFE monitoring.

In February 2009, British Grove Studio was the winner of the Music Producers Guild Award for 'Best Studio'.[3]


The following albums were recorded at British Grove Studios:


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